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Diversity Outreach Services

SBE's nationwide 1,000,000+ database of certified businesses provides the basis for targeted outreach utilizing a powerful Cloud-based IBM Power9 platform for complete dated and timed reporting, customized to match client needs



Marketing on a Shoestring

Service presents clients with qualified leads and eliminates "cold calling". It serves as a "marketing push" and can be customized to including advertising.



SBE print and electronic publications deliver timely, strategic information to businesses. They serve to collapse the information float (distance between sender and receiver), empowering while informing.



A turn-key solution that retains local businesses and builds on local resources. The solution identifies at-risk businesses, establishes a risk mitigation program, and shows how local companies are realigning to meet changing conditions.



Universal Call Center

Provides 800 number for client with IVR, e-response and blog solutions.


Event Registration

On-line registration tool capturing client-specified information with daily report updates.

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