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What does the Small Business Exchange do?
The Small Business Exchange collects information for bids and proposals for the construction, commodities, business services, and professional services industries throughout the nation. We also have a comprehensive database containing information on over 500,000 companies, including small, minority-owned, and woman-owned businesses and disadvantaged business enterprises.

What kinds of outreach services do you offer?
SBE offers a fully range of outreach services, including (trade and "focus") advertising; direct, targeted mail (email or fax) per user defined criteria; telephone follow-up and agency contact(s). All are provided with computer-generated dated reports.

In what other ways can I access SBE's bid information?
In addition to our online search subscription and Email-A-Bid, we offer FAX-A-Bid services and a traditional newspaper in either tabloid or 8.5" x 11" formats. Call 1-800-800-8534 for additional information.

Where are the businesses on the database located?
SBE's business database is nationwide. We include DBEs certified by the Department(s) of Transportation and small businesses from SBA's "Pro-Net".

What kind of information can I obtain from your buyer/seller database?
Our buyer/seller database contains more than 35 fields of information for businesses. SBE has complete outreach services that can put you in direct contact with businesses specified by your criteria. Call 1-800-800-8534.

What is meant by acronyms, such as MBE?

MBE - Minority Business Enterprise

WBE - Woman Business Enterprise

DBE - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

SBE - Small Business Enterprise

OBE - Other Business Enterprise

LBE - Local Business Enterprise

DVBE - Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

ESBE - Emerging Small Business Enterprise

SWBE - Small Woman Business Enterprise

SMBE - Small Minority Business Enterprise

SDBE - Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise




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