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Small Business Exchange Inc., is a recognized and accredited trade/focus publication and wascreated specifically to highlight opportunities in the fastest growing construction markets in the nation.

Through our print and electronic  publications and website SBE is able to strategically target and reach key individuals in all of the following fields:

  • Decision makers in various industries
  • Community based organizations
  • Unions
  • Educational Institutions
  • Agencies from federal, state and local jurisdictions

Whether you are posting Sub-Bid RequestsLegal Notices, Display Ads, Classifieds, or "Native Ads", you know you’ll be reaching out to decision makers.  

Get seen, Get noticed, Be heard!

Sub-Bid Request Public/Legal Notices
Primer contractors and corporations can place sub-bid request ads requesting goods and services using SBE print, electronics and online media to reach a targeted audience. Government agencies and entities seeking to advise the public of intent to purchase goods and services can place such notice in a venue that reaches the business community and is not co-mingled with consumer ads.
Display Ads Classifieds
SBE Offers high-impact advertising, reaching the business-consumer market and guaranteeing ROI through print, electronic and online media, offering advertisers multi-level marketing Choose from a wide variety of categories to efficiently reach your targeted market with a direct message.

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