How to Help a Small Business Reach New Customers. By Samantha Higgins


By Samantha Higgins

Small businesses often face challenges when it comes to reaching new customers. Small businesses may struggle to compete with larger businesses that have more financial resources for marketing and advertising. This can make it difficult for small businesses to stand out and reach new customers in a crowded marketplace.
However, the text suggests that with the right strategies in place, small businesses can overcome these challenges and effectively attract new customers to grow their customer base. The key is to find creative and cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness and attract new customers without breaking the bank.


Participate in networking groups and events relevant to your business and clients to generate good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. If you approach networking to be of service, you will create relationships that will lead to new clients.

Promotions and Discounts

By sending text messages with exclusive promotions and discounts, businesses can entice newcustomers to purchase. For example, a local restaurant can send a text message offering a discount on a meal to customers who sign up for their SMS marketing list.

Reconnect With Previous Customers

Return to your list of previous clients and market to past consumers who haven't done business with you in a while. Make a routine for this and choose consumers you haven't seen in six months. Reach out to them by email, direct mail, text, or phone with a "We miss you" message, offering a bargain or promotion in exchange for their return.

Appointment Reminders

If your business provides services such as haircuts or dental cleanings, sending appointment reminders via text can help reduce no-shows and keep your schedule full. For example, a hair salon can send a text message reminding a customer of their upcoming appointment and offering the option to reschedule if needed.

Create a Referral Program

Your existing clients have a large network of friends, neighbors, and coworkers that they may refer to your company. You only need to supply the appropriate incentive. Take the initiative and create a formal structure for soliciting and incentivizing clients. After the transaction, follow up with the consumer and, once happy, promote them to your referral program. Prepare a tempting reward, such as a commission or a discount coupon.

Customer Service

An online SMS gateway can send notifications about order updates, shipping information, and other important customer service updates. For example, an online retailer can send a text message with a tracking number when an order has shipped.

Enhance Your Website

Consumers nowadays typically locate new businesses via searching online. This implies that your website will have to perform some heavy lifting to attract new clients. Examine your website to ensure that the design, content, images, and SEO are all up to date.

Surveys and Feedback

Businesses can use text messages to send surveys and collect customer feedback, which can help improve their products and services. For example, a coffee shop can send a text message asking customers for feedback on their experience and offering a discount on their next purchase as a thank you.

Collaboration with Complementary Businesses

Collaboration with firms who have a similar consumer base but aren't directly competing, and then brainstorming how to promote to one another's customers to create new business, is a smart method to acquire new customers without spending a fortune.

Make a Marketing Strategy

Once you've determined which new markets to target, you'll need to create a marketing strategy to go with it. Your initial choice will be between traditional marketing and digital marketing, or a combination of the two. You are not required to implement all of these marketing methods. If you don't notice any results, try a different strategy until you find the best way to connect with new consumers.


Most social media platforms have built-in advertising tools that allow businesses to create targeted ads based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. This allows businesses to reach potential customers who may not have known about them.
Additionally, social media can be used to engage with customers through regular posts, stories, and interactions. Businesses can increase their visibility and establish a loyal following by creating a strong social media presence and engaging with customers.
In conclusion, reaching new customers is essential for the growth and success of a small business. Utilizing SMS gateways, optimizing the website and SEO, and utilizing social media platforms are all effective ways to reach new customers. These strategies allow small businesses to expand their customer base and increase their revenue.

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