Governor Newsom Announces Los Angeles as the Newest Prohousing City in California


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Governor Gavin Newsom today announced that the City of Los Angeles is the latest jurisdiction to receive a Prohousing designation for their efforts to act with urgency, and in partnership with the state, to build more housing, faster. Cities and counties that earn the Prohousing designation receive an advantage over other jurisdictions for access to state funding for housing.

What Governor Newsom said: “California is taking aggressive action to build more housing in every region of the state. I’m thankful to Los Angeles and Mayor Bass for committing to building more housing, faster, and doing their part to help tackle the housing crisis. Cities and counties across the state need to meet this moment and act with urgency to bring more housing to their communities.”

Why it’s important: Cities and counties that earn the Prohousing designation receive incentives such as additional points or other preferences in the scoring of competitive funding programs administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), giving them an advantage over other jurisdictions – including in access to state funding. All told, 11 jurisdictions across California have already earned the state’s Prohousing designation.

Governor Newsom Zooms with Mayor Bass to inform her of Los Angeles’ Prohousing designation

“Affordable housing is front and center in our work to create a more thriving and equitable California, and requires all of us working together to produce and preserve more housing,” said Secretary Castro Ramírez. “California commends the City of Los Angeles for establishing policies and practices that streamline development, accelerate housing production and reduce costs to expand safe and dignified housing options for Angelenos.”

To earn the Prohousing designation, cities and counties must demonstrate they are promoting climate-smart housing by enacting Prohousing policies, including but not limited to streamlining multifamily housing developments, up-zoning in places near jobs and transit to reduce emissions, and the creation of more affordable homes in places that historically or currently exclude households earning lower incomes and households of color.

“We have to build more, faster. Los Angeles will continue to do everything we can to confront this crisis with the urgency it deserves,” said Mayor Karen Bass. “Thank you to Governor Newsom, Secretary Castro Ramírez, and Director Velasquez for continuing to work in concert with our city to bring L.A. in a new direction.”

Communities are also eligible for the Prohousing Incentive Pilot (PIP) Program that rewards Prohousing communities at the forefront in addressing California’s housing crisis with additional funding to accelerate affordable housing production.

“Congratulations to the City of Los Angeles for being the latest city to join the growing list of Prohousing jurisdictions,” said HCD Director Gustavo Velasquez. “Prohousing jurisdictions are reducing red tape for the construction of new housing at all income levels—and it is a key signal to developers that the city is ready to dig in and build more housing faster.”

Last month, Governor Newsom announced Sacramento County, Placer County, and the City of El Cerrito as Prohousing designees.


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