Guide to low-income internet options and affordable internet plans


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By Robin Layton,

Families that meet income or government assistance requirements may qualify for discounted or low-cost internet.


If your household makes less than or equal to 200% of the federal poverty level(for example, $55,500/year for a family of four, $27,180/year for an individual) or you qualify for certain government assistance programs, you are a good candidate for getting help with paying for monthly internet service.

Nearly 30 million U.S. homes lack internet, and 18 million of those do not have it because they cannot afford it, according to the Education Super Highway’s No Home Left Offline Report.

“Affordability has now emerged as the number one barrier to closing the digital divide. We have a historic opportunity to close two-thirds of the digital divide by connecting 18 million households that have access to the Internet but can’t afford to connect,” said Evan Marwell, founder and CEO of EducationSuperHighway.

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