7 Essential Tech Tools for Every Small Business Needs


By Tracie Johnson

Technology remains one of the most important elements for business success. It is essential in tracking processes, managing data, maintaining employee records, improving customer support and enhancing connectivity. Top cap it all, technology does away with the need for manual processes in most small business operations. As a small business owner, your main objective is to increase efficiency by providing quick and seamless services to customers. This is what technology does. From servers and software to computers to online tools, technology has numerous benefits to the business world.

1. G-Suite

G-suit is a name given to a collection of some of the most comprehensive tools on the web. The collection largely relies on cloud computing and is mostly used for collaboration and productivity. The technology is a creation of Google and is meant to help businesses manage their affairs easily.
Some of the common tools under G-Suite include Drive, Gmail, Docs, Calendars, Slides and Drive. One of the biggest advantages of this tool is the type of security and centralization it offers. Users have access to a host of internal search engines and the ability to back up files, emails and documents in one place.

2. Slack

Communication is vital for any business. You need a communication system that allows quick and effective communication between customers and employees. Slack is all about communication. It is a platform where users can collaborate on a project regardless of their location. It allows people participating in a project to interact easily and share ideas regarding a project. Slack is a great tool for project developers. It can be downloaded on Android, iOS and Windows phones.

3. Computers and HDMI Accessories

Computers have become a necessity for every small business. Gone are the days when business owners used to do everything manually. With a computer or a laptop, you don’t need to record sales or a list of employees in a book. You can either use a Word document or excel sheet to perform most of the tasks. You can also take advantage of HDMI accessories to make your work easier. You can use an HDMI cable to create an interface between one computer and any other device.

4. Customer Relations Management Software (CRM)

This is another crucial tech tool every small business should have. Customer Relationship Management tools have existed for several years but Zendesk happens to be one of the most popular ones. This is because it focuses on creating the best customer experience on a website while at the same time tracking the experiences of those customers using a very intuitive interface.
When used together with a robust support team, Zendesk can give you a competitive edge over your rivals. Operating an e-commerce business can be a great strategy for small business owners seeking to improve sales and brand awareness. Using these tools and services can help increase your online presence and boost your sales.

5. Accounting Software

Similar to cloud technology, accounting software is great peace of technology any small business needs to have. The good news with modern accounting programs is that they are simple and user-friendly so that even someone with little accounting knowledge can operate them. These programs help you make payrolls, track expenses and billing for your business.
For instance, a pay stub generator tool offers you accurate and professionally developed pay stun in a matter of seconds. You should try and select comprehensive accounting software that entails sales, memos, automatic tax calculation, inventory and invoice generator.

6. Social Media Management Tools

Social media has become one of the most effective marketing tools today. As a small business owner, you would want to take advantage of different social media platforms to create awareness about your products or services and build a strong online presence.
There are multiple social media management solutions that can help keep customers engaged. This means you don’t have to be there always writing and posting content. These tools help you schedule and post content as per your instructions.

7. Chatbots

A chatbot is a computer program used by most businesses to facilitate customer support. It is a good example of artificial intelligence commonly used by organizations to provide automated customer support.

Closing Remark

The above-mentioned tech tools are essential for the success of any small business. It is important to identify tools that will help bring efficiency to your business and increase profitability.

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