Is SMS Marketing a Lucrative Return for Marketing


By Stephanie Snyder,

Finding the best way to give exposure to your new small business isn't hard. There are hundreds of tactics you can use to get a leg up on your rivals. The key will be to find the one that is most efficient and cost-effective. For many new business owners, the best fix for this pain point is to use SMS marketing. But are you guaranteed a good return?

SMS Text Marketing is Worth the Investment

SMS marketing can be an extremely lucrative way to market your business. The average price of a text is far less than a dollar. With the aid of an SMS text blasting app, you can send out thousands of texts per month. The total cost of this exercise will depend on the plan you have signed up for. In most cases, you can expect to pay slightly less than $30.
The mere fact that SMS text blasting is so cheap is one of the major reasons to engage in it. There is also the fact that the app you use doesn't cost you extra in most cases. It will usually be provided to you for free as part of the deal you have signed with a local provider. The app is easy to master. Once you do, you can get right into sending texts.
The only real investment you will need to make to start off is to devote a bit of time and energy to mastering the process. But this is a straightforward exercise with no learning curve to deal with. The setup is made simple by the service that you sign with. It will normally take a few minutes to set up and then a few more to get totally familiar with.

Text and Email Marketing Are a Perfect Combo

You may be wondering if you just give up on other forms of marketing to go straight to SMS text blasting. The answer is not quite. Certain forms of marketing, such as via email, can still form a huge part of your strategy. In fact, many business owners feel that email and text marketing are a perfect one-two punch that reels in new customers.
You can use SMS texts to create interest in an item. The message you send should be the perfect short and sweet bit of prime-grade SEO to stir up interest. You can then follow it up with an email message that gives a bit more detail. Taken together, these two marketing tools can create a major buzz around items that are new in your inventory.

Why is SMS Text So Cost Effective?

As mentioned above, the price of the averageSMS text is far less than a dollar. This means you can send out several thousand of them daily for an extremely low amount. Compare this already low figure against the instant profit you will receive from the sale of only a few items at your store. This is a return that you can take right to the bank.
You should also note that it doesn't cost your customers anything to use this service. All they need to do is agree to opt-in to receive texts, emails, or both from your site. You can reward them for doing so by offering them special promo coupons or discount deals. You can even throw in a freebie item just for agreeing to join your outreach list.
When you consider how much it costs to use other methods of advertising, such as Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, it simply makes sense to try the less costly tactics first. As a new business owner, it's best to start simple. The results you get from texting can fuel future endeavors.

SMS Texting is a Great Way to Drive Sales

At the end of the day, you are going to do what you have to do in order to drive clicks and sales. As of now, SMS texting is one of the best ways to create interest in your business without having to spend a million bucks. It's a quick, easy, and very effective way to raise a buzz. We recommend top-notch customer service as the key to sealing the deal.

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