How Much Should Businesses Spend Monthly on Content?


By Stephanie Snyder

How Much Should Businesses Spend Monthly on Content?

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Spending money on content for your business doesn't need to cost you a million dollars. If you budget this amount correctly, it will take up only a small portion of your overall marketing fund. The key is to make sure that you are spending money wisely. The content that you get needs to be a spur of sales.

Why Spend Money on an SEO Service?

The first question you are bound to ask is why you should even be spending money on modernSEO services. The clear answer is that you simply can't do it all by yourself. No business, no matter how small, should be expected to handle all of its sales, logistics, and marketing completely on its own. The responsibility may become too much.
There is always bound to come a point where your expertise and knowledge won't quite be enough. You'll need an expert service to fall back on. This is because the quality of SEO is always determined by the algorithm major search engines decide on. Since this algorithm changes without warning, you can fall behind.
But there are other major reasons why you should direct a portion of your sales budget to SEO services. One of them is the fact that SEO itself is subject to evolve and change over time. Keywords and phrases that seem to be all the rage may soon be obsolete. As trends change, your SEO needs to do the same.

What is the Right Amount to Spend?

Once you know what SEO is useful for, the next question will be how much you spend on it. The usual formula is one that will equate to roughly 25% to 30% of your total marketing budget. This is money that should be earmarked for SEO campaigns on the web, very much including all of the major social media sites.
At the moment, the usual amount of revenue that companies earmark for marketing is roughly 7.9% of their total budget. This may seem paltry at first. However, you should consider how much of a return is guaranteed by using even a minimal amount of SEO. Even a small amount is bound to result in an appreciable profit.
The conclusion that you draw should be clear. There is no reason for you to spend an exorbitant amount of money on SEO. At the same time, you definitely should set aside a certain amount of your marketing budget for this very purpose. The results you can obtain with the right budgeting will be worth it.

What Are Your Minimum and Maximum Investments?

The first detail that you will need to work out will be the proportion of yourmarketing budget to allocate for content. This figure can be determined in a number of ways. You should first look at the minimum amount that you are prepared to spend. Once you have this figure in mind, you can extrapolate to the most that you can afford.
If you are a sole proprietor just starting out in the business, your total income may average out to about $100,000 per year. If this is the case, you can very likely afford to budget $1,250 toward content marketing. The maximum that you can safely afford will be something along the lines of roughly $3,000.
The percentage of your marketing budget that you should devote to SEO will be roughly the same through most of the gradual upward stages. However, as you begin to realize more income, the amount that you spend will naturally adjust.
For a startup that manages to bring in $500,000 per year, you can safely budget a minimum of $6,250. At the absolute peak of your profitability, you may be able to increase this figure to roughly $15,000. The percentages will adjust as your success increases.

Budget Correctly for Top Grade SEO

There are plenty of methods you can use to grow and expand your business. The key will be to find the ones that are the most efficient and cost-effective. SEO is a sure-fire way to raise your public profile in a very short amount of time. You can allocate a tiny portion of your marketing budget to gain major results.

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