5 Trending Branding Ideas to Build Awareness


By Sierra Powell,

No matter the size of your business, your branding can bring in curious visitors from around the globe. If you are bootstrapping your business online, partnering with other brands and promoting one another effectively can help you both grow. Finally, be ready to do a bit of volunteering to offer free information to generate interest.

Share Your Expertise

Create a blog for your business and offer free information to promote your expertise. Don't be afraid to give some DIY instructions; if you have a custom decorative painting and home design business, offer a simple video on a furniture upgrade or a single decorative piece. By familiarizing potential clients with small snippets of your knowledge, you can build confidence in your abilities and be the first person who gets a call when they're excited about a bigger project.
As your name grows, offer to serve as a guest on podcasts, YouTube interviews, and blog posts. Your expertise can easily be spread by connecting with other small business owners in disparate fields. For example, in the example above, your decorative design business expertise could pair wonderfully with a wedding or large event planner or a floral designer.

Partner with Other Brands

Each aspect of your business needs to rely on the tools and talents of others. As your brand grows, make sure you are promoting and partnering with what you know works. If you're a custom decorative painter, reach out to
  • your favorite custom paint brush producer
  • the best paint brands you've found
  •  the manufacturers of your ideal safety gear
If you are constantly working in knee pads or if you have safety glasses that never fog up, you have existing brand loyalty that is based on your truth. Once you have a blog post or a video that is gaining some traction, it's time to reach out to other marketing departments. Not only could you honestly promote a product that you trust, but you may get to test new tools or get free products to test drive.

Make a Consistent Statement

Unless your business is designed, the idea of choosing a logo and brand image could be far down your list of choices you need to make. However, it may be a good time to talk to a designer and start thinking about
  • a logo that works in color, black and white or reverse
  • the psychology of color
  • how to lay out your business name so it's easy to read
With a logo and single image that works well in multiple settings, you can create ways to get your name everywhere. You can share your business’s name on laptop cases for schools, hand-held fans for outdoor concerts, car wraps, and refrigerator magnets.

Build a Local Presence

Once your logo is ready to go, consider joining local causes that matter to you. If you're a runner, volunteer to hand out water cups on the next 5k in your city. If you love baseball, sponsor a Little League Team. You may have been personally touched by an illness or deeply connected to a historical event. Now is the time to put your new logo to work.
As a physical sponsor for community events, be aware that you may need to spend a bit of money. However, if you choose to put up a canopy and hand out free pizza at the next awareness walk, make sure that people walk away from your table with something reusable. Send folks out with your tote bag, your water bottle, or your backpack.

Use Social Media To Share Your Narrative

Modern shoppers are drawn to the story. Many small business owners have worked through some serious hardship to get their business up and running. If you have a story and want to connect with other business owners and potential customers, look for chances to share your story.
Once you accept one podcast interview, you will start getting more invites. Be willing to share your pain so listeners will want to know more of your story, rather than just sharing your successful experiences. Share snippets of this information on your social media sites to raise interest.
Your business is closely tied to your story. Potential customers often want more than just a great price or a simple product. By sharing your story, you can personalize your offerings and get ahead of the pack.

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