Mayor London Breed Announces Groundbreaking of Critical Infrastructure at Sunnydale and Hunters View HOPE SF Sites


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Mayor London N. Breed announced the City has made major progress on the effort to revitalize the Sunnydale and Hunters View public housing developments as part of HOPE SF, a community development initiative that will provide more than 5,000 new or rebuilt units across four public housing sites. Construction, funded by $58.9 million in City funds, has begun on extensive infrastructure improvements across both sites to prepare for the construction of more than 280 new affordable units, a new park, 60,000 square feet of community-serving commercial space, as well as new roads, landscaping, sidewalks, and public utilities.

“As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, we need to ensure that we are delivering on our promise to provide high-quality, affordable housing for long-time San Franciscans,” said Mayor Breed. “I am proud of the progress that has been made at each of our HOPE SF sites, but the work is not done. This critical infrastructure brings these projects one step closer to completion and that much closer to transforming these neighborhoods for both current and future residents.”

San Francisco’s HOPE SF initiative, established in 2007, is the nation’s first large-scale community development and reparations initiative aimed at creating inclusive, mixed-income, and thriving communities without the mass displacement of existing residents. The goals for the four HOPE SF sites of Alice Griffith, Hunters View, Sunnydale-Velasco, and Potrero Annex-Terrace, include:

  • Building racially and economically inclusive neighborhoods
  • Recognizing the power of residents to lead their communities
  • Increasing economic and educational advancement
  • Promoting healthy communities

All HOPE SF projects aim to center residents first and change systems and shift power to ensure San Francisco is a racially and economically inclusive city.

“As we continue to revitalize our Hope SF properties and push for more affordable housing across San Francisco, these critical funds will help our city keep the promises made to this community,” said Supervisor Shamann Walton.

The City’s investment of $58.9 million in the infrastructure improvements of Sunnydale HOPE SF Phase 1A3 and Hunters View HOPE SF Phase 3, of the multi-phased development, will help transform these sites into unified mixed-income communities. The scope of the infrastructure work includes the abatement of asbestos in the foundational piping of the previously existing buildings, foundation demolition, rough grading of all parcels, including future park sites, as well as landscaping and furnishings for new parks and other outdoor community spaces. A number of major street improvements are also underway, including the realigning and widening of streets, the addition of bike paths, and the installation of new public utilities such as street lights, water supply, and waste drainage.

Hunters View HOPE SF

Hunters View was the first public housing project to be redeveloped in the HOPE SF program. Construction Phases 1 and 2, completed in 2013 and 2017, included the development of two new parks, new roads, sidewalks, and public utilities; dedicated social and supportive services offices, including a childcare center and wellness center; and 286 units of affordable housing, featuring 214 public housing replacement units and 69 additional affordable units, all of which have been fully occupied since 2018.

Sunnydale HOPE SF

The Sunnydale HOPE SF project includes the complete revitalization of the existing 50-acre Sunnydale-Velasco Housing Authority site. To date, 222 affordable units have been completed with 75% of them designated as public housing replacement units for Sunnydale residents. The remaining units were marketed through DAHLIA, San Francisco’s affordable housing portal. All of the 222 units are fully occupied as of March 2022.

“HOPE SF is a key component of the City’s affordable housing strategy. We are committed to the success of these developments and leaving a long-lasting legacy for the residents who have resided in these communities for generations while nurturing and contributing to the diversity and richness of our great City,” said Dr. Tonia Lediju, Chief Executive Officer of the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA). “Through these revitalization efforts will arise some of San Francisco’s most vibrant and robust mixed-income communities, sustained through a combination of housing, outdoor community space, and commercial opportunities.”

“HOPE SF represents a twenty-year city commitment to rebuild community in partnership with residents and stakeholder to rebuild San Francisco’s public housing sites while increasing affordable housing without displacement,” said Eric Shaw, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development and Interim Director of HOPE SF. “These infrastructure improvements are the foundation of revitalization of our HOPE SF communities.”

In partnership with San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), the developers have set and exceeded goals to hire city and HOPE SF residents as well as locally owned small businesses as construction partners. To date, 740 San Francisco residents and 60 HOPE SF residents have been hired onto construction teams working on the revitalization projects.

The effort to secure the procedural approvals required for Sunnydale HOPE SF Phase 1A3 and Hunters View HOPE SF Phase 3 infrastructure to start construction was led by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) and the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), in collaboration with the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA), San Francisco Public Works, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the San Francisco Fire Department, the San Francisco Planning Department, San Francisco Recreations and Parks, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and the Department of Building Inspection. This multi-agency partnership represents Mayor Breed’s directive for City agencies to work collaboratively which is crucial for delivering high-quality affordable housing across all HOPE SF developments and speeding up the relocation of residents into desperately needed replacement housing.


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