How Working Mothers Can Set Achievable Career Goals


By Stephanie Snyder,

Motherhood is a full-time job on its own. After all, the care a mother provides is literally invaluable. With all of the effort and labor that goes into motherhood, it can be hard for many women to fully visualize how they'd be able to go back to running businesses or functioning at full-time jobs. Thankfully, there are practical ways for mothers to immerse themselves into the workforce and still thrive at home. Consider some of the most practical ways that working mothers can set achievable career goals.

1. Simplify Your Process

If you were able to complete ten tasks before noon, simplify that number first. One of the most common complaints from mothers involves the level of total exhaustion. Once you're a parent, you just learn to adjust to the exhaustion. When you're tired all the time, the concept of being able to perform at the same level might seem impossible. Instead of getting discouraged, challenge yourself to work your way back up to it. Instead of rushing to get ten things done by noon, focus on completing five tasks by noon.
Consider the tasks that are the most important. This sentiment applies to goals as well. Don't crowd your list with ten goals that you need to achieve by the end of the year. Instead, focus on the most important goals. If you're able to accomplish three major goals by the end of the year, that's incredible. When you have fewer goals to focus on, you'll end up getting more done in an excellent manner. Three goals done with excellence is much better than ten goals done in a subpar manner.

2. Utilize Systems of Accountability

It's hard to see the picture when you're in the frame. You've been in your head about how to create your career, move through the company and make the right business decisions. Even if everything has panned out the way you wanted, having another set of eyes will only help bring clarity and perspective in a different way. This is why it's wise to gain insight from someone who understands the plight of working mothers like you. A life coach for women will help to provide strategies and practical steps to help you navigate the challenges and triumphs of your multi-pronged life roles.

3. Know Your Why

Oftentimes, a working mother would much rather snuggle at home with her baby. While there are many mothers who long for the workplace, there are others who'd rather be at home. This means they need an extra push to get them through the long workdays. This is when it's good to know why you're doing what you're doing. If you're working in order to keep a roof over your child's head, focus on that aspect whenever you have days where you don't feel like working. If you've created a plan to save up a certain amount of money so you can take a year of to be with your child more, this will motivate you to go to work and collect that check.

4. Create a Distraction-Free Zone for Work

When you need to sit and get work done, there's nothing more detrimental than a ton of distractions. Take an honest, hard look at your distractions. If you're prone to the classic scroll through any given social media platform, delete it from your phone while you're on the clock. Purchase headphones that cover your ears in order to tune outside conversations and chatter. Listen tobrown noise or white noise as you take care of work on your computer. If the distraction is a pain in your lower back due to an uncomfortable chair, replace that chair. Make your work zone as comfortable as possible in order to support your ability to focus and get work done.
While you still want to challenge yourself to do your best, understand that it's all about the journey. You are a work in progress. Sometimes, you'll be the best worker in the building. Sometimes, you'll need three cups of coffee just to keep your eyes open. In any case, give yourself the grace to know that you're doing the best you can. Take note of the consistent roadblock, and find solutions to those issues. Pay attention to scenarios and workplace settings that worked the best for you. Then, create an environment to achieve your goals. As you do this, give yourself grace and encouragement as you continue the work of being an incredible working mother.            

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