5 Creative Ways to Advertise and Market Your Business


By Maggie Bloom,

Engaging your community is a vital component of enhancing your business. The aim is to promote lasting relationships that will heighten your brand awareness and increase your revenue; however, creating genuine connections with the people in your community requires patience and creativity. To help you in this endeavor, here are five creative ways to advertise and market your business. 

1.   Take Advantage of Google

Customers usually turn to Google first to find a particular product or service. Google is one of the top ways to attract new business. And the good news is you don't need to employ an SEO expert to enjoy the many free tools that Google offers.
If you have not done this already, create and verify your Google business profile. The Google business profile, which is just another term for your Google listing, allows your company to appear in the local section of Google Search results, Google Maps results, and The Knowledge Panel in the search results when someone types your company name and location.
After Verifying your Google business profile, you can link to your website, provide your contact information to your customers, and show your store hours. Request your customers to give Google reviews to boost your listing even further. If you’re a restaurant owner, use The Ordering App to give your customers a way of making orders right from your website, Google Maps, and Google Search. The more comprehensively you fill out your business profile, the more likely your business is to appear in the search results. 

2.   Offer Contests and Giveaways

Everyone appreciates gifts. So, give away exciting and desirable items to build brand awareness, gain goodwill, and connect with potential customers. They don't need to be costly. Ebooks, checklists, and white papers won't cost you anything apart from your time.
You can also promote your services and products in Facebook groups where you can let members try your products for free or at a discounted price so they can give an honest review about them. Remember, physical gift items with your advertisement are always popular, such as die-cut stickers, pens and notepads, fridge magnets, smartphone wipes, balloons, and key chains.
You can also make a viral marketing effect by making your advertising attractive, fun, and interesting. 

3.   Social Media Ads

Advertising is the economic engine that is the backbone of all social media. Instagram introduced ads to its platform in 2013, and Twitter adopted ads in 2010. Facebook introduced ads in 2007, and LinkedIn started offering paid ads in 2005. Even TikTok has now introduced advertising to the social platform.
The world has become accustomed to seeing ads in social media feeds. Although many people skip them, they still see them, making the ads familiar. And with the creation of tools such as the Facebook leads form, this platform has heightened how advertisers can access their target. Social media is an excellent tool for both business promotion and brand awareness. There are at least eight different ways you can advertise your business on Facebook that are worth investigating. And if you want to advertise on Facebook, the cost per acquisition (CPA) is affordable. 

4.   Attend Networking Events

Building your digital networks and using social media is important, but don't neglect the traditional face-to-face networking. You don’t even have to consider the expensive membership-only groups because there are many smaller, more affordable events you can access from sites such as meetup.com. Attending networking events is an excellent way to find new business opportunities, initiate relationships, and solidify your reputation, so get acquainted with your elevator pitch and carry a stack of business cards before you go. Remember, you need to understand the basic networking etiquette to prepare beforehand. 

5.   Reward Customer Loyalty

It is five times more expensive to find a new client than to keep an existing one. Acquiring new customers can be quite time-consuming and costly. If you are not rewarding repeat customers, you're neglecting a marketing opportunity with a high return on investment.
Showing your loyal customers a little extra love doesn’t have to be expensive. Rewards can be as simple as earning points on every purchase or a discount on a future order. Choose the consumer behavior you wish to encourage and design a rewards program based on that. Remember to take advantage of any tools provided by your current point-of-sale (POS) system. Customer loyalty programs are an efficient and affordable way to show you care for the people using your products or services.
As a business owner, the growth of your business depends on how well you plan and carry out your advertising and marketing endeavors. These methods of achieving business success are simple and inexpensive, yet they effectively increase your sales and promote your brand.

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