Our TermsFeed Review (With Specific Use-Cases)


Founded in 2012, TermsFeed is a company that helps online businesses acquire the legal agreements required for their websites and apps. Being a relatively young service in the niche, TermsFeed quickly managed to become the most popular online tool for generating legal policies. The company boasts an international team of attorneys, making it suitable for usage anywhere in the world.

Whether you have a website, a Facebook page or a mobile app, an eCommerce store, or you’re a SaaS company, TermsFeed offers legal solutions for all. They provide six different policy generators that cover pretty much everyone’s needs. As we researched this service, we tried and tested all six generators and tweaked between the options they feature. What we found throughout the analysis was, in all honesty, quite impressive. 

In this article, we’ll get into a detailed overview of each of them, as we discovered that they’re all easy-to-use, fast, affordable, and of exceptionally high quality.

Why Do You Need a Legal Policy for Your Business?

Before we dive deeper, let’s first answer that question. 

Your company’s online presence means that you interact with people on the internet one way or another. It can be selling products or services or simply collecting information from and about the users you interact with. From a legal perspective, you need to ensure that all of these activities are covered by high-end documentation that protects both you and your customers. 

You might not be aware, but using certain services, such as geolocation (GPS), account creation, advertising, copywriting content, etc. can become a liability for your business. Also, in many cases, you’re required by law to have these policies on your websites and apps. You can discover a lot more about these regulations by reading the EU General Protection Regulation and the California Online Privacy Protection Act.

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