7 Traditional Marketing Strategies that Still Work Today


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By Tracie Johnson,

Traditional marketing techniques are not completely dead. They usually happen offline, but you can give them a modern twist by leveraging online tools like social media. Here are some traditional marketing techniques that still work today:

1. Billboards

Businesses have, for a long time, had success marketing their products or services using billboards. They are still around because of how effective they are at reaching many people from various demographics. They're also pretty hard to overlook. You can find billboards on highways, in public places, and even inside large buildings. What has changed is the content that’s put on billboards. These days, an effective billboard uses a high-quality, catchy image and a short text that goes straight to the point.

2. Cold-Calling

Cold-calling involves calling a stranger with the intent of selling them something. These days, the typical method of cold calling a personal phone number isn't advisable - unless you want to end up on the blocked numbers list. To be successful, you have to use this technique correctly. Use cold calls for pitching to businesses and institutions.

Secondly, call the company's decision-maker to avoid going in circles and hitting a dead end. Also, do thorough research on the person you'll be calling to get an idea of what they like, their interests, and what they consider a turn-off. You can do this by going through their social media pages. If cold-calling isn't your thing, you can hire cold callers who can do the work for you at affordable rates.

3. Direct Mail

Direct mail involves sending print material directly to the addresses of potential clients. This old-school marketing technique is effective because it allows you to develop personalized messages for your clients. The material can either focus on a particular product you're selling or build general awareness of your company. Direct mail is mainly used by non-profit groups and fundraising organizations.

However, you can still leverage its potential by developing a unique, personalized message that aims to solve a problem that plagues your customer. You can send direct mail to customers interested in your products or to the local community around your business premises.


4. Word-to-Mouth Advertising

Word-to-mouth advertising can come in testimonials, customer reviews, or referrals. They have been proven effective decades ago because people trust the word of other customers. Today, you can leverage this by using online review apps like Yelp, posting customer reviews on your website, or giving special discounts to people who refer their friends to buy your products. This way, your business will appear trustworthy and dependable. Especially for online businesses, this tool is essential because people are always on the lookout for scammers.

5. Competitions

Competitions are one of the oldest marketing techniques that haven't lost their power to date. They are fun, involving, and create great brand awareness for your company. In the past, company contests used to happen via mail, but today, you can use the power of social media to reach thousands of interested participants for free.

To organize a successful social media contest, choose an enticing prize. Then, let the rules be simple. Also, ask the interested participants to follow your page or share your posts on their own timelines. Finally, let the competition run for no longer than a week.

6. Event Marketing

Event marketing is an age-old, successful marketing technique involving booths, flyers, and brochures to market to and connect with potential customers. Now that COVID-19 restrictions are loosening and the world is re-opening for events and conventions, you should prepare to participate in various events to represent your business.

You can sign up for fairs, festivals, conferences, seminars, and conventions that fall under the same niche as your business. Print out plenty of flyers to give out. You can even give out free samples of the product you're selling to attract new customers.

7. Radio Broadcast

People still listen to the radio. You can pay or your business to be advertised on the local radio station by professional voice actors. A modern twist would be to advertise on popular podcasts, which are basically just like radio stations.

Closing Thoughts

Traditional marketing can still be used today. Some old-school techniques have maintained their charm to date, but others need a little modern twist to make them more effective for our time.

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