5 Strategies to Increase New Clients for Law Firms


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By Stephanie Snyder,

To build a flourishing legal firm, you must be exceptional at what you do and have a sound plan. If you follow these guidelines, you'll be able to attract both new and old clients in the long term. Furthermore, if you do, you will be able to manage a profitable law company for many years to come. Here are five strategies to increase the number of new clients in your law Firms.

Create a Marketing Budget

Marketing your company costs money, and you must be realistic about how much you can spend and what you can achieve with that money.
To choose where to devote dollars, begin by outlining your law firm's marketing goals. If your aim is lead generation, you will spend differently than if your goal is to develop a high-profile reputation.
If you want to generate leads, your marketing efforts should be focused on bringing in a lot of them. Your marketing money should be spent on advertising, expanding your social media presence, and presenting your services to a diverse range of potential customers.
If you want to advertise your company to get high-profile clients, you should spend your marketing money obtaining favorable testimonials and reviews.
Ensure that your budget has been thoroughly reviewed. Make sure you budget for technology. You should also budget for content marketing – using an agency may be less expensive than hiring full-time writers. Still, you may prefer a full-time writing team to maintain control over your content's direction, tone, and voice.

Create a Well-Designed Website for Your Legal Company

Your legal firm's website will be the initial point of contact with a potential client. Prospects will seek elsewhere if it does not impress them on the first visit. Most people see a poorly built or managed website as a red sign.
Take advantage of high-quality imagery (both images and video). Sixty percent of customers are more likely to click on search results that include photos.
Don't make clients go searching for the information they need right away. If a client becomes dissatisfied after learning if you do family law, for example, they will look for another firm. Similarly, start by showing key honors, achievements, and recognition from bar organizations or trustworthy legal organizations where prospects are.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Use blog entries, articles, and podcasts to demonstrate your expertise in your subject.
Hiring an outside firm to offer you the material you want is the most straightforward approach to jump-start your content marketing efforts. If your budget permits, you may also engage in-house writers to develop blog pieces and video and podcast material.
Using guest bloggers on your site is another potentially free way to gain authority. Look for local and regional law forums, or invite an ambitious law student searching for a foothold in the legal area to write on your website. Clearly explain who they are and why they are qualified to talk on their topic, and then share that link via their college website and other channels.

Maintain Continuous and Personal Communication

Clients want to know that you're attempting to assist them. You may prioritize communication to show who you are and put them at ease. If you are unable to do a task, inform your customer that you can do so. If you say you'll do something, be sure you follow through; otherwise, you're breaching a sacred trust. You must interact with your client at all stages of the legal procedure and ensure that their concerns are addressed promptly.

Internet Reviews

Make a list of your good Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews on your website.
Google My Business is a fantastic free resource that may assist you in listing your legal company in Google Maps when consumers search for nearby law firms. Favorable comments, positive reviews, andLaw Firm SEO Services may help you rank higher on Google My Business. Google review count and review score are considered when ranking for local searches. More positive reviews and ratings might help your company's regional position. Because your position in online results is also essential, the best techniques for search engine optimization (SEO) apply.
Due to high competition in the legal industry, it might be difficult, but not impossible, to get your name out there. The best method to get what you want for your firm's business and profile is to use the above tools for advertising your profession. A successful marketing campaign will result in more potential leads and increased income. Failure to act will put you behind the pack in this highly competitive sector. 

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