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Mayor Eric Garcetti signed Executive Directive 34: Citywide Workplace Equity, outlining new measures to elevate the City’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, including the implementation of a new Citywide Workplace Equity Policy that was unanimously adopted by the City Council.

“This comprehensive policy outlines employees’ rights and responsibilities, and also cements the City’s commitment to fostering a workplace rooted in empathy, inclusion, and mutual respect — values necessary for the City to recruit and retain employees who both reflect and understand the diverse communities they serve,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. 

Executive Directive 34 will expand the Personnel Department’s focus on preventing harassment and discrimination to a more systemic and preventative focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. Through the establishment of a new Equity Review Panel and the Office of Workplace Equity in the Personnel Department, Los Angeles will create a more equitable and inclusive environment for employees of the City of Los Angeles. The signing culminates over four years of work with City departments, labor, and elected offices on this policy. 

“All of our City employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. This Workplace Equity policy clearly defines that goal and the means of achieving it,” said Councilmember Paul Krekorian. “It will reduce costs to the City associated with litigation and mismanagement by requiring managers and supervisors to intervene before workplaces become unsafe or unwelcoming.”

The Workplace Equity Policy was developed by combining key points from over a dozen existing documents that pertain to workplace conduct, as well as incorporating new best practices. It includes new prohibitions against conduct like bullying and microaggressions. This policy will be supported by mandatory training to ensure all employees understand what is expected of them under the new policy. 

“This Workplace Equity Policy represents the very best of who we are as a City Government: Inclusive, welcoming, fair and respectful,” said Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer. “This Policy reflects the hard work of Departments across the City to fully embrace and encourage workplaces that celebrate diversity and thrive.”

These efforts began in 2018 and were spearheaded by the Harassment and Discrimination Working Group under the Mayor’s Risk Reduction Cabinet, which is co-chaired by Councilmember Paul Krekorian and City Attorney Mike Feuer. The early accomplishments of the Risk Reduction Cabinet Working Group included the development and launch of MyVoiceLA and Executive Directive 23: Harassment and Discrimination. 

“The City of Los Angeles has always been a leader in setting policies that foster equity in the workplace. Executive Directive 34 co-locates those policies into one comprehensive Workplace Equity Policy that is easily accessible and increases accountability for all City employees,” said Dana Brown, General Manager of the Personnel Department.

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