What Happened to Slashfood.com?


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Slashfood.com was a website dedicated to food and food culture. When it appeared on the 25 Best Blogs 2009 list, Time.com described Slashfood.com as “a site for people who are serious about what they put in their bodies.” The site was packed with many helpful food tips.

If you are one of the people who are serious about what they put in their body and you hope to gain some tips from Slashfood.com, we have some bad news: the site hasn’t been publishing since 2014.

What could have happened to a website that once attracted 1 million visitors per month and was described by Boston.com as “an edgy site that peppered recipes with food scandal and gossip”?

In this article, we find out what happened to Slashfood.com. We follow the history of the site, its content, and the key people behind it.

The History of Slashfood.com

Slashfood.com appeared for the first time on the internet in 2002. However, it looks like the domain was parked for the first three years. Serious activity on the site only appeared in 2005 after Weblogs Inc. acquired the domain.

Slashfood.com was one of Weblogs Inc.’s most popular websites. Weblogs Inc. owned several other sites, including Engadget, Autoblog, TUAW, Joystiq, Luxist, Cinematical, TV Squad, Download Squad, Blogging Baby, Gadling, AdJab, and Blogging Stocks. Today, Autoblog and Engadget are the only sites that remain active.

Key People

While we can’t get much information about who started Slashfood.com, we have been able to find some information about some key people in the organization.

An article published by Thedeliciouslife.com reviewed Slashfood.com and described it as having “a huge team of contributors who range in background from stay-at-home kitchen cooks to professional chefs, from amateur blog-for-hobby-ers to professional food journalists.”

The founding editor at Slashfood.com was Deidre Woollard. Woollard appears on the list of 30 of the world’s top bloggers. She was also the founding editor of a Slashfood sister website Luxist.com, which she describes as “a luxury goods blog which was on the vanguard of luxury websites in the early blogging era, helped to fuel the trend for luxury real estate blogging.”

At one time, the editor at Slashfood was Marisa McClellan. She holds a master’s degree in writing and is the author of three books. Faith Durand of Thekitchn.com, a kitchen tips website, describes her as the owner of “a wonderfully funny and interesting video blog called Fork You!”

Another famous individual linked with Slashfood is the investigative journalist Allen Salkin. He hosted Slashfood’s video series. Salkin is also the author of the book From Scratch: Inside the Food Network.

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