5 Gift Ideas to Give Your New Business Employees


By Maggie Bloom,

These days, employees in different organizations develop creative plans that sell themselves to HR as the best workers. Also, most companies have introduced their employees to various retention strategies. One of the strategies used commonly is gifting new employees. Your organization swag is among the many things you can use to attract the best employees to your company.
Although there is no particular manner of designing a welcome gift for your new staff, it should reflect your company’s culture land tone properly. The kind of onboarding gift you choose for your new employees will help you create a lasting first impression. You should consider the following five gift ideas for your new employees this year. 

1. A Handbook

Imagine yourself as a new employee and consider the doubts and questions they might have as new hires. Now address all of them on the employee handbook. Ensure to include all the essential information that will guide the new employee into working in the new position in your organization. That will enable them to reduce dependency on their seniors and other staff members as they work more independently.
You may include daily working hours, the company’s communication channels, parts of the company culture, among others. Then give all employees a copy of the handbook to refer to whenever they want. The handbook should be engaging and fun for employees to retain information effectively. Although you may have the handbook in a soft copy version, it would be better to give hard copies of the same to your staff since they provide them with a personalized feel. 

2. Office Essentials

You may also provide your employees with office supplies and tools to help them work better. You can customize some with your firm’s logo or the new worker’s initials. That will make them feel valued as you use the items to welcome them on their first day. You may include mouse pads, notebooks, pens, custom company apparel, and other things that can make their space look appealing.
You can get some gift ideas from your existing workers since they understand what they’d need while working in the organization. You can then choose several items from the list provided to give your new employees unique gifts as they start working for you. 

3. Tech Gadgets

Today, most jobs require a bit of advanced technology. It is, therefore, an excellent idea for you to provide your employees with digital gadgets to use while working from the office or remotely. Some of the items you should consider include laptops, Bluetooth earphones, a good microphone, and any tech gadget they might need for their job.
The best thing to do would be to acquire the tech gear and gift your new staff before reporting to work. That will enable them to have enough time to familiarize themselves with the gadgets before using them in their new positions. Employees who receive such gifts will feel valued. The gadgets will also be necessary for the company since all employees will only store data in tools given by the company. 

4. Different Variation of Snacks

All people would love having some quick snacks during work breaks. Therefore, sending different snacks to your new hires can be a great idea. Employees working from the office or remotely will enjoy any sweet snacks you gift them.
You may choose customized snack boxes to gift individuals and teams. It may also be a good idea for you to subscribe to one-off or monthly snack gifts for your employees. You may also ask the employees to select the snacks they prefer and choose a company to deliver. 

5. Wellness Essentials

Providing high salaries to your employees and paying for their best holiday destinations is good. However, nothing beats supporting your workers’ health. That is why you should consider gifting them with items that encourage them to live an active and healthy lifestyle.
You may gift them things such as gym memberships, fitness trackers, therapy sessions, and others that you think will benefit your employees. You can also gift your staff things that will keep them protected and safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as sanitizer bottles, branded face masks, and others. 

The Bottom Line

Gifting your new employees is a great way to make them feel welcome for their new positions. The welcome packages enable workers to gain momentum and build up excitement and confidence as they work. They show the employees that you care for them and willing to support them all the way.

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