5 Top Tech Softwares for Small Medical Practices


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By Sierra Powell,

It's good that you have finally started a medical practice. However, you should also realize that it's time for you to move on to the next step, seeking suitable technology solutions for your business.
The list of software brands you can consider is also immense, which can make choosing the right one a challenge. Fortunately, this guide looks at 5 top tech software for small medical practices:

1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is first on our list because it's an accounting software with various user benefits. For instance, Quickbooks software is available with an online version that lets you access practice data remotely. The company that created the software is Intuit, and it first came to the market in 1983.
Quickbooks software is suitable for small to medium-sized business entities, including your small medical practice. The software is also available in a cloud-based version, which you can use to manage expenses and payments.
Over the years, the accounting software has evolved and includes web-based features such as remote access functions. You can also use it for online banking, mapping functions with Google maps, and the management of emails. The Quickbooks software is also easy to use, especially if you have experience with Microsoft Excel.

2. Timely

The next contender on our list is timely, which helps you determine how your business spends time. The software provides a tracking function that automatically records all the details your team uses.
Since its inception, the functions of the software have also improved significantly. Nowadays, Timely users have access to various customizable features that are particularly useful for business management.
Timely is also influential in managing overhead issues for your medical practice while enhancing the user's ability to make concise reports. The other benefits of using the Timely software for medical procedures include time tracking and a user-friendly experience.

3. Speedy Claims

Speedy Claims CMS 1500 software helps with medical billing procedures, and it's simple to use. The customer support team also responds to queries, and the software is available with various pricing privileges.
The software provides an exceptional customer service experience for its business management clients. With an experience level of over ten years, Speed Claims is the perfect addition to your small practice.

4. Scoro

The fourth software on our list is Scoro, a business management software that you can use to regulate various functions. It lets you manage work with high levels of efficiency, and it's easy to use. The features Scoro supports include project planning, invoice, and time management.
Users can also enjoy high levels of flexibility, as you can sync the software to various other devices. The app is also available with an Ios and Android software version for your convenience. This app aims to help your medical practice escape the hassles of shifting between different tools.
It lets users access all their business management details through a convenient interface. Like all other software on our list, you also get customization privilege, and its functions are bug-free. Scoro is also famous for receiving awards for being one of the best prospective professional service software products globally.

5. Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 provides users with access to some of the best business management resources available in the world today. These include software for CRM, task management, and various other collaboration functions.
The specific functions that it supports for your medical business vary, including managing teams, creating website pages, and even sales lead. If your medical practice has a large HR team, there are various functions in this software that can be highly helpful for your organization.
However, while Bitrix is a helpful addition to your organization, there are various shortcomings to consider. A good example is that the customer support team often takes ages to respond. The user interfaces the software offers sometimes get clunky, making operations management challenges. Fortunately, learning to use this software is easy, especially if you have exposure to other similar software solutions.
If you are looking for helpful ways of scaling your business, it is about time you consider the correct alternatives. Tech software is an excellent example when you use an informed approach. There are various hassles in managing a business, and software is the perfect way to overcome these challenges.

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