5 Tech Tools to Improve Your Business Processes


By Sierra Powell,

Tech tools can help your business save money and time and enable it to grow. They can also help you streamline your processes and run the business more efficiently. There are numerous options for tech tools, and you need to research extensively to know the best tool for your business. Here are five tech tools to improve your business processes.


Trello is a task management tech tool that can help your business track tasks digitally. You can integrate it into almost all the departments of your business, from marketing and sales to human resources and administration. You can also customize Trello to meet your specific needs and work styles. It allows your team to set up and customize workflows through its intuitive features.
Trello has an intuitive interface that is easy to use and organize your work. You can easily navigate the platform as most features are straightforward. It allows all your team members to share documents easily. Trello’s key features include creation and assignment of tasks, task prioritization, project planning, to-do lists, and managing recurring tasks.
Trello has a powerful mobile app that allows you to access the same features as the desktop version. You can use the platform to attach images and URLs. This tool enables you to build team spirit using its team collaboration features such as document sharing, comments, and mentions of teammates.


Calendly can help you schedule meetings by automating the process of setting up meetings. It helps you avoid the struggle of sending emails back and forth. It’s an intuitive platform that offers powerful collaboration features, scalable security and compliance, and powerful administration controls. Calendly can integrate with other tools such as Google, Zappier, Zoom, Slack, and Salesforce.
Calendly allows your clients quick and flexible access to your business. It automatically sets up meetings and alerts all the people concerned. It also sends follow-ups and reminders to the people attending the meetings to reduce no-shows and cancellations.
Its features include calendar sync, appointment scheduling, notifications, email management, and group scheduling. Others include online booking and payments, resource scheduling, reminders, mobile access, and real-time scheduling.


Finzeo processes your payments and their instant bank verification allows you to quickly verify credentials, transactions, and validate accounts. It offers faster and comprehensive validation solutions by acquiring all the account details in seconds. Finzeo protects your business from fraudulent activities by confirming account balance ownership. It also helps your business perform risk assessment more accurately by giving you a preview of the status of the accounts you are dealing with.
It gives your business flexibility when doing online transactions. It also helps to reduce the time spent on account verification, especially when you are in a high-risk business. You will be able to make better business decisions and protect your financial assets.

Velocity Merchant Services

Velocity Merchant Services offers point of sale (POS) customized processing solutions that meet your businesses’ needs. POS systems help change the way you manage sales and process payments by offering simple and affordable devices and more sophisticated and comprehensive devices. It also enhances your customer service and helps your business be more efficient.
Velocity Merchant Services provide solutions designed to meet your specific needs. There are all types of equipment that will fit any business. Your business will be able to accept all major brands of debit and credit cards. You can also get a payment gateway, virtual terminal, and tools to build a website if you want mail order service.
VMS uses cloud-based POS technology and allows for seamless software integration. You will avoid unexpected additional charges as VMS offers transparent pricing. You also get a dedicated account manager and 24/7 support.


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to set posts to go out at certain times. Posting and connecting with your clients on social media platforms can take up most of your time. But with Buffer, you can send out posts without logging into the sites. Buffer can track and measure your performance on social media to know what is working. You will be able to come up with more engaging content.
These tools can increase your productivity and allow you to offer better customer service. Adopting the tools also helps you stay ahead of your competitors and increase your profits. This will help your business to grow by reducing your overhead costs.

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