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Edwards Unlimited is an award-winning media production company (thejaniceedwards.com)
 dedicated to producing television show and videos and to providing media training for corporations, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations to help them celebrate their success with the world.  Janice Edwards is an award- winning talk show host and Emmy-nominated producer, an in-demand MC, a media coach, an internationally best-selling published co-author, and an acclaimed contributor to community empowerment through her media work. Her more than 1200 interviews include Oprah, Dr. Deepak Chopra,  Ryan Reynolds, Jerry Seinfeld, Rita Moreno, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Robert Redford, Idris Elba, Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Pine, Vietnamese Superstar Dan Truong,  John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph, Kerry Washington, Emile Hirsch, Bruce Willis, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John Cena, Renel, and Barack Obama. This week, Edwards Unlimited has a special gift within this article to support all SBE subscribers with stepping into their brilliance and is offering custom designed Presentation Packages, Strategic Communication & Media Packages, MC and Virtual Event Packages and Video Production Packages at special holiday 2021 rates for customers who mention SBE when contacting the team. You may reach them at care@thejaniceedwards.com or by calling 866.433.8658.  
“It’s one thing to show up on Zoom, do a presentation, write copy for your website, your newsletter, or create a video because you have to do it, and it is entirely different experience to work with someone who helps you connect and authentically and strategically align your message and your spirit,” says Janice Edwards, President & CEO of Edwards Unlimited. “We revel in helping people stop hiding in plain sight and actually enjoying the experience of expanded visibility and impact.”
At a time, when LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and Facebook have made it clear that video is a critical part of visibility, Edwards Unlimited has responded by creating packages designed for small business owners, executives, influencers, athletes, and other leaders who need the unique level of expertise that Janice Edwards and her team provide, based on her acclaimed success. The “Janice Edwards Step into Your Brilliance Experience” is among the many products in high demand. You may read what others say here.
Janice’s Five Keys to Being the Star in the Reality Show of Your OWN Life lays a great foundation for expanding your impact, and as special gift to SBE readers, Janice has included the first key below:
When it comes to connecting through broadcast or video, I have discovered that there are keys to help you shine at your absolute best level.
Whether you like talk shows and reality shows, or skip them on media, when it comes to you, there is a long running reality show, and it is your life. Sometimes it’s scripted or unscripted; it may be public or private, but you are on this earth for a reason, and you make choices about that daily. When it is time for the spotlight, my five keys can help you show up feeling fantastic about being on camera and the processes of preparation.
 Key # 1. Connect to Your Passion and Purpose
I began working at television stations after finishing graduate school in journalism when I was 24. I felt clear that featuring unique talk show guests and creating and reporting stories, especially those for people who did not have a voice or vehicle for sharing, was part of my purpose. One day, I was at the station getting ready for a show. As a producer, I had written my scripts and stacked the show, as a host, I was present and ready for my guests to talk about their amazing work. The guests were in the green room, ready to go out on set. I got a phone call. My mother had had a stroke and was in the hospital. I was reassured that she was conscious and expected to survive. I dashed to the hospital. Mom’s face lit up when she saw me. I kissed her, hugged her gingerly and while holding her hand, began to sing one of her favorite songs.
That night, I realized that I was clear about my purpose of being a devoted daughter and fierce advocate for my mother as long as she had breath in her body and also clear about my purpose of sharing amazing stories of people who have important impact and imprint in the world. I wanted to find a way to have more flexible time for family and still be able to do work that was part of my calling. That ultimately played a role in my creating my company Edwards Unlimited. When you connect to your passion and your purpose, what you want to share with the world about your business will be very clear. I believe that is the first key to crafting your media message. Now let me ask you this question...
What are you truly passionate about?
We invite you to reach out to our Edwards Unlimited team at care@thejaniceedwards.com or by calling 866.433.8658.
For the other four Keys to Being the Star in the Reality Show of Your OWN Life, download it at thejaniceedwards.com.
Happy Holidays!

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