5 Cables to Use That Will Advance Your Tech Business


Some companies may require more cables than ones available in their gadgets. They may require extra cables to establish and advance their business. Here are five cords that will be beneficial for your company:

1.   HDMI Cord


If you wish to project or view images from any device onto a larger screen, a great option is with this cord. It will provide a better quality picture than when using RCA cords, for instance.


The cable is a relatively new invention that allows you to connect your computer or gaming console to an HD television. These cords are available in various lengths and thicknesses. The size depends on the features of the TV and device to be connected. The longer the cable, the higher the quality of definition video and audio displayed through the television. By using an HDMI cable, your audience is able to enjoy a perfect quality picture.

2.   USB Cord


This one has been around for years. Several different types are available, such as those for connecting to another PC or laptop and downloading material in minutes and even the lightning cord that allows you to charge your device. If your business needs to print and scan, this may be an option for you, even though it is a bit cumbersome. Most people already have a flash drive in their pocket, and you can give away these electronic devices in the form of a logo lanyard that will fit around your neck or your wrist.


You may find that this type of drive operates better when the end is inside the device you are trying to access. This way, you gain a bit more speed. Using a USB 3.0 device will have to be plugged into a compatible port to get the fastest transfer speeds available today. The same goes for transfers that use an external hard drive or flash drive.

3.   Ethernet Cord


The cable will provide your business with a faster connection than wireless adapters. It is also beneficial because it can extend the range of signals if one has multiple networks set up in different areas of their place of business. They can all be connected to the main network wirelessly, making it quick and easy for workers to transfer information on the same web.

4.   IEC Power Cord


You know that you have one of these cords if your PC or monitor has a three-pronged plug on its end instead of two. Since there are different standards in different parts of the world, it is important to adapt and change your cords as needed. You can also purchase a power cord with the converter built into the end, making it much easier to plug into foreign electrical sockets.

It is a cord with the converter built into the end – If you have one of these, you won't need an adaptor to use when you travel to other countries because it has all of that built-in.

5.   OSFP Cord


This cord stands for optical small form plug and has a fiber-optic core. It is becoming more popular as a way to connect computers or network connections. While it does help with security, it also provides broadband speeds which make transferring files much quicker than ever before.


The technology is also very durable and can handle extreme heat, cold, dust, or even water. It makes it perfect for people who are in more extreme environments with their computers. The cable is an alternative to the traditional RJ45 connector for Ethernet connections. OSFP cables are usually used in fiber optic networks because of their small size and are being used more and more by cable modems.


The cord is a very simple and easy way to connect and secure your network. They can cut down the number of wires you might need and increase the speed of data traveling through networks or between computers. This technology has been around for a few years but is gaining more popularity as time passes. It may even replace the RJ45 connection in the future, as they are becoming more popular and easier to use.


Each of these cords will provide your company with greater efficiency in how they function. It is important to research the different options and decide which ones will benefit your business in the best way possible.

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