Decorated Marine Veteran Turned Entrepreneur Shares a Unique Framework of Ethical Leadership Skills in New Book


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Following three decades of service as a Marine at various levels, General Joseph V. Medina decided to utilize his military experience and knowledge in a corporate leadership career. In honor of Veteran’s Day coming up, readers will discover the vital lessons Medina learned from several of the United States military's most distinguished leaders as well as how they can apply these lessons in the business community in “Battlefield to Business: One Marine’s Inner Voyage of Ethical Leadership.”

In the book, Medina helps business leaders address common issues that he too has faced both on the battlefield and in the business world. Readers will learn how to improve their leadership skills, address ethical dilemmas they may face and how to lead a team during crisis as a respected and trusted leader. Medina discusses how leaders must be leaders and not just managers sitting in a leader’s chair and emphasizes that the corporate world is a battlefield of its own and that ethics are not just preached, but they are lived.

“When you lead an organization, you hold an important ethical responsibility. Your decisions will, unlike others, shape the values of your entire team,” says Medina.

Currently, Medina is a speaker presenting at high schools and colleges discussing ethical leadership practices. It is his hope that with “Battlefield to Business,” his life’s work will inspire others to become better leaders. A portion of the book’s proceeds will be donated to veteran’s support and youth development programs.

“Battlefield to Business” has received praise on Amazon.

“This is a book on ‘ethical leadership.’ So many books out there on how to lead - but so few books out there willing to broach the subject of how to lead ethically. General Medina utilizes a step-by-step approach that is based on 30+ years of leading the World's Finest in both combat and peacetime. The reader is presented with "Medina Maxims," which serve as templates to maximize decision making through ethical dilemma decision matrixes.” — Amazon Reviewer

“Battlefield to Business: One Marine’s Inner Voyage of Ethical Leadership”
By Joseph V. Medina
ISBN: 9781663221810 (softcover); 9781663221827 (electronic)
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iUniverse

About the author
Joseph V. Medina is originally from Ventura County, California. Following graduation from the United States Naval Academy, he served as a Marine for three decades. Serving in leadership positions at every level, he culminated his service as a Marine Corps General Officer in multiple assignments, including Commander of Expeditionary Strike Group THREE, Commander of the Marine Corps' most complex installation and Commanding General of 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade in Okinawa, Japan. Since leaving the Marine Corps, Medina switched his focus to corporate leadership with a specific emphasis on leveraging the lessons he learned as a military leader. He served over ten years in senior corporate positions and on multiple boards of international companies. In 2021, he established the Inner Voyage Leadership Group to assist aspiring and established leaders in developing world class ethical leadership skills. He is also the CEO of the Asia Pacific Strategies and Solutions Group, a Fellow and Member of the Board of the American College of National Security Leaders and a Board Member of the Hispanic Veterans Leadership Alliance. Medina currently resides in Houston, Texas. To learn more, please visit his website and connect with him on LinkedIn.


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