Nonprofit Founding Chair Celebrates Lifelong Commitment To Community Service With Act Of Impactful Philanthropy


David Fleming, creator and founding chair of the Los Angeles County Business Federation “BizFed” and its sister entities, named the 501(c)(3) BizFed Institute a major gift recipient through his living trust fund to celebrate a life of thoughtful giving, impactful philanthropy and community service. Beyond sustaining the Institute’s work for years to come, the act of generosity will advance the educational nonprofit’s mission to break down barriers with information and connect decision makers with thought leaders.  “I want to thank Dave the best way I know how: by vowing to channel this support into empowering and enlightening more Southern Californians,” said Kevin Harbour, President of BizFed Institute. “This gift gives us high-level access to more people and tools, elevating all facets of our work. Our partners can expect even more timely intel, dynamic workshops and multi-platform educational campaigns.” Fleming has served the people of Southern California for more than seven decades as an instigator of progress and force for good, improving the lives of millions through his distinguished career, extraordinary public service and deep commitment to creating a brighter future for all. He is widely recognized for leading the Los Angeles charter reform movement in the 1990s. Fleming’s wide breadth of work at all levels of government, tireless volunteerism and generous philanthropy have helped restructure city government, uplift children and families in need, advance major public transit projects and expand access to affordable education and the arts. His contributions have made a measurable difference in government, education, commerce, infrastructure, health care and media, among other areas.  “I was raised in the Middle West with Middle West virtues,” said Fleming. “Do something for your community. It’s the most important thing you can do in life.” The announcement of Fleming’s major gift fund also marks the 11th anniversary of BizFed Institute’s founding. The nonprofit “has come a long way” since launching in 2010, Harbour said. The data sets and fact sheets produced by the Institute now reach more than:
  • 5,000 business and community leaders
  • 618 elected officials
  • 1,000 journalists
The BizFed Institute team has expanded the scope of their work to encompass:
  • Infrastructure and mobility
  • Innovating for the future
  • Guiding people into good jobs
  • Sustaining natural resources
  • Growing our economy
  • Sourcing emergency donations during the coronavirus pandemic
The Institute’s guiding principles remain unchanged:
  • Strength in numbers
  • Going deeper on regional issues
  • Defining the voice of business
“Dave is a really special person who inspires people around him to follow his lead in finding meaningful ways to give back. That’s the true superpower of this gift — how it empowers all of us to believe in change and invest in changemakers, no matter how big or small the contribution,” said Tracy Hernandez, Founding CEO of BizFed.

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