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If you've been thinking that San Francisco, California, would be a good place to get started as an entrepreneur or business owner, it is time to act on that hunch. Before you pack your bags, investigate the factors that should play into your decision to move.


Business Quick-Start and Runway Opportunities

Startup or business runway refers to how long your fledgling business can survive. Calculate your startup runway in San Francisco and learn more about the licensing and business formation laws in the state of California.


Be sure to find a reliable source of fast internet by researching coverage area and maximum speeds. If possible, get fiber optic internet services that offer speeds almost 10 times faster than DSL.


San Francisco is home to several helpful resources for getting your business established:

       San Francisco Business Portal

       Small Business Assistance Center

       Runway Innovation Hub


Community Support

A strong business community supported by customers from surrounding neighborhoods, local leaders, and established advisors can be a source of inspiration and assistance. In addition to the resources listed above, reach out to professionals and peers at:

       San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

       Bay Area Entrepreneurs & Startups

       National Association of Women Business Owners


Educated Workforce

The quality of talent in San Francisco is supported by opportunities for education. According to many studies, an abundance of local colleges in the area boosts the availability of talented workers in the Bay Area:

       Stanford University

       University of California – Berkeley

       Santa Clara University

       University of San Francisco

       Saint Mary's College of California


Cost of Living

The annual cost of living in any city or state is calculated based on housing, transportation, food, health care, childcare, and taxes. Overall, the cost of these necessities is higher in San Francisco than in other California cities. However, it's important to note that median household income is not weighed in the cost of living and should be a factor in your decision to relocate to San Francisco. Use this handy calculator to make an informed decision about your chances of success.



When you move into a new area with an existing business or as an entrepreneur, you must have enough money in reserve to cover living and business costs until you're making a steady profit. Determine the availability of homes for purchase or rent. The affordability of housing, transportation, and food will affect your family's lifestyle and how much it costs to hire employees.


Public Transportation

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency helps you navigate the many roads crowded into San Francisco's relatively small area. This agency keeps an eye on forms of public transportation, bicycle paths and infrastructure, pedestrian accessibility, paratransit accommodations, and the taxi system.


Quality of Life

When it comes to quality of life in San Francisco, there is a lot to consider. This city is full of culture, history, food, public spaces, and possibility. The upbeat, eclectic nature of San Fran has an impact on your life and business success as well as the quality of potential talent. There are many parks and events that can draw potential customers and employee talent to the area:

       Golden Gate Park and the Japanese Tea Garden

       Dolores Park in the Mission District

       Chinese New Year's Parade in Chinatown

       Alice Summerthing annual concert

       Fort Pointe Historical Site and the Presidio

       Muir Woods National Monument

       Fisherman's Wharf

       Alcatraz Island


San Francisco has a welcoming environment with plenty to do and see. With its unique history and diversity, the city has often been on several Best Places to Live lists, making it a wonderful choice for both your home and your business.


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