What is the Average Roof Replacement Cost?


If it’s either getting to or past time to replace your scrappy old roof, you may start wondering about the average roof replacement cost. On average, most people in the United States can expect to spend around $8,087 for the total roof replacement cost. However, the range typically starts at $5,353 and goes up to $10,858. The low end is around $900 for replacement parts, but this is very rare, and the high end for a bespoke roof from scratch can run upwards of $45,000. 

While it’s true that your location and the material cost, accessibility, pitch, size of the project will factor in, it also depends on whether you’re replacing an existing roof or adding one on as part of a whole new house build. You can expect to spend roughly 40% of your budget on materials and 60% on labor, so there are huge savings available if you’re prepared to replace your roof on your own. 

It’s also important to look at the starting roof replacement cost as an investment for your home. It can last for decades if you upkeep it properly, and it performs the essential function of protecting your home and valuables from the elements. This can help take the sting out of the initial price tag. 

If these prices make you dizzy, don’t worry. This comprehensive guide will break down everything you need to know about figuring out your roof replacement cost. This way, you’ll go into this project knowing about how much to budget, and this can take away a lot of the anxiety with this large-scale project.

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