Granite Awarded $48 Million Construction Manager/General Contractor Bridge Contract in California


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Granite (NYSE:GVA) has been awarded the Cosumnes Bridge Parent Package of the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) contract for the Cosumnes Bridge Replacement Project by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in Sacramento County, California. This CMGC contract is the final award of a seven-part phased delivery of the overall $167 million project. This $48 million contract is anticipated to be included in Granite’s first quarter 2021 backlog.

“We are also excited Granite was selected for the final package because having the same contractor for all phases of this project has provided a measurable benefit for California taxpayers”

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The Cosumnes Bridge Replacement Project is located on State Route (SR) 99, in Elk Grove, California. The project scope includes the removal and replacement of four bridges over the Cosumnes River as well as replacing two existing railroad overhead and underpass bridges with a single new overhead bridge, requiring partial realignment of SR-99 southbound. The project has been divided into seven contracts to allow construction to proceed while the design is being completed on other improvements. The segmentation of the project also allows for an accelerated delivery, which is currently two years ahead of the owner’s anticipated timeline.

The scope of the Cosumnes Bridge Parent Package, Granite’s seventh awarded contract for this project, includes the construction of 2.3 miles of freeway connecting the newly constructed bridges. Granite is also responsible for the roadway excavation, deck and barrier improvements at Dillard Road Overcrossing, construction of the Eschinger Road/SR-99 interchange, installation of ramp metering and intelligent transportation system, and removal of the existing McConnell Underpass and overhead bridges at the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

“Being selected for this final package allows us to take the project across the finish line with this first-rate Caltrans team,” said Granite Project Manager George Delano. “We are proud to be part of this collaborative CM/GC team made up of Caltrans, Granite, our subcontractors, and third-party stakeholders which has overcome numerous challenges to deliver exceptional results, and will continue to work together to improve safety for the traveling public.”

“We are also excited Granite was selected for the final package because having the same contractor for all phases of this project has provided a measurable benefit for California taxpayers,” said Caltrans Project Manager Martin Clark. “From design to planning to execution, the results of our extended partnership have consistently tracked ahead of our scheduled timeline and met our budget.”

CM/GC procurement involves the contractor during the design and planning phases, offers a lower risk profile for both the contractor and the owner, while increasing the overall value to taxpayers. This process is designed to promote collaboration and to solicit value-adding feedback from the contractor.

Construction materials for the project, including 22,000 cubic yards of aggregate base and 108,000 tons of asphalt paving, will be supplied by Granite’s Bradshaw Facility.

Granite will begin construction immediately on the Parent Package. The Cosumnes Bridge Replacement Project is scheduled to be completed by 2024.

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