Resource Guide for Veterans: Transitioning to a Career in the Construction & Home Services Industries


For returning service members and veterans, the transition to the civilian workforce is daunting and challenging. Instead of relying on the structure and stability of the military, the

Nevertheless, there are scores of industries that welcome veterans with open arms and are a great opportunity to transition over hard-earned skills from military training.

The construction industry is vast and requires intelligence, grit, and discipline to do the job well – qualities that many service members have acquired in their training. Likewise, the home service industry is just as diverse – including everything from remodeling to plumbing to landscape architecture. We’ve built this guide as an evergreen resource for veterans transitioning in the hope of impacting careers positively.

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Transitioning Military Skills into the Construction Industry

There are a wide range of skills and techniques learned in the military. Skills such as discipline, time management, flexibility, teamwork, and integrity. It is possible but difficult to transition these skills without the proper knowledge on how to apply them. Luckily this guide may help you in transitioning those skills into a new civilian life. 

Research Construction Careers Similar to Military Jobs

5 Construction Companies That Want to Hire Vets Now – Transitioning jobs as a veteran isn’t as easy as it looks. This article may help you find the construction job you need based on your skills.

Military Veteran Construction Jobs – Looking for a job in the construction industry? We did a search on Indeed to find some examples of construction jobs for military veterans.

Construction Jobs for Disabled Veterans – If you think that physical fitness is necessary to work in the construction industry, then this may change your mind. This article shows careers that disabled veterans can apply for. 

Veterans, Build A Future in the Construction Industry – The title says it all. If you’re interested in building a career in the construction industry, check out this article.

Veterans for Hire: Strategies and Programs for Translating Military Experience to Construction Jobs – Skills learned in the military give you a higher chance of getting a career in the construction industry. Check out this article to learn more. 

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Types of Construction Jobs

Extraction Carpenters – Installing different types of structures and fixtures. Construct walls, door frames, and floors. Cut, measure or shape different types of materials such as plastic, metal, wood and other types of materials.

Construction and Building Inspectors – Inspect and check buildings to make sure that zoning regulations, contracts, buildings codes and ordinances are met.

Construction Equipment Operators – Construction Equipment Operators steer, operate, or drive heavy machinery used in construction sites. 

Construction Laborers and Helpers – Construction Laborers and Helpers have a wide variety of duties that require physical labor on construction sites. 

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Construction Apprenticeship for Veterans

Entering the world of construction poses a problem for veterans without experience in the field. Although some companies don’t require experience, you have a better chance of entering if you have experience. Here are some apprenticeship links for veterans interested in construction. – offers easy access apprenticeships opportunities for veterans. – helps you look for apprenticeship jobs near you. – earn and learn apprenticeship for veterans. – explored a wide range of apprenticeship jobs for veterans.

Helmets to Hardhats – is a program that offers opportunities for transitioning service members, veterans etc.

More Resources:

Construction Job Boards for Veterans

iHire Construction – iHire Construction offers open positions in construction, foremen, and more.

Careers in Construction – Discover different types of career opportunities. Explore and apply for your dream job.

Construction Jobs – The name says it all. If you’re looking for a job at a construction company. Say no more, you’re one click away.

Hire a Veteran – Find and apply for jobs. They offer a wide range of jobs for veterans.

Veterans Next Mission – Translate your skills in the military. Explore construction jobs at Veterans Next Mission. 


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Online Training Course for Veterans

There are many ways to learn the skills and techniques required to work in the construction industry. One of which is online courses. Check out these online courses and find the best one that fits for you.

ASTM Construction Training – Virtual classes are now available at ASTM construction training.

Coursera – is an online learning platform that offers courses for construction and engineering management.

Turnkey Construction Management Institute  – from reading blueprints to becoming a certified construction manager, Turnkey Institute offers online courses for your needs.


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Transition Consultation Services & Programs

Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program – The Transition Assistance Program provides transitioning services to service members preparing for their civilian life. From additional education to job seeking in public or private sectors, TAP is there for you.

Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program – Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program provides services and assistance to transitioning soldiers and veterans.

Marine Corps Transition Readiness Program – The Marine Corps Transition Readiness Program offers a complete transition and employment assistance program for marines and their respective families.

Navy Transition Assistance – Navy Transition Assistance is a program dedicated to help the transition process of veterans and their families. They offer educational programs, proactive outreach, and family support services.

Air Force Transition Assistance Program – One of the main goals of the Air Force Transition Assistance Program is to provide information, training, and tools to dedicated service members and their spouses as they prepare for their civilian life. From additional education to business opportunities, they got you covered.


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