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For returning service members, transitioning back to civilian life may be tough. One of the first priorities is finding a new job. While life in the military was structured and followed a clear path, the search for a new career on the civilian job market may be less predictable and structured.

Compounding the problem in 2020 is the COVID-19 pandemic which has sent the vast majority of workers in the digital field home, making in-person interviewing almost impossible. It's now imperative that returning service members and veterans have the resource they need to identify, find, and interview at digital jobs that match their resume.

We did the research, wading through hundreds of pages to find the most trusted resources for military veterans to use as a launching point for their new career transition.

Transitioning Military Skills into a Digital Civilian World



There are a variety of skills learned in the military such as discipline, multitasking, leadership, and time management, and in most cases, technical skills. All of those skills can be applied in the real world and are viable to civilian work. Here are tips to make it easier for you to translate your military skills into a fresh civilian life.


Research Digital Careers in Fields Similar to Military Jobs

When you're starting to discuss options with your career counselor, friends who have left the service, and family members, it's important to take an honest look at where your skills you learned in the service overlap with civilian jobs. You should take into consideration the current job market, the future growth of certain careers, and which positions and industries you have an interest in. By narrowing your focus with these considerations, you'll make the career transition more focused, and ideally smoother. Here are some links that can help you search for work similar to your work in the military. 

  • Embrace tech training in technology-centered jobs  – The IT industry has a plethora of fast-growing and secure jobs. It does require a lot of education and experience, but military veterans who had similar roles have a high chance of transitioning well. This resource is centered around IT jobs for veterans, focusing on software development and information security analyst roles.
  • Finding and landing a remote job – In the technological age we live in today, a lot of work can be done remotely and in the comfort of your own home. Here is a guide from MIlitary Hire with specific guidance for military vets.
  • Top Ten Tech Jobs for Veterans – A lot of veterans are heading into the world of technology. This infographic shows the top ten tech jobs for veterans, from program manager to network administrator.
  • Information Technology Careers for Veterans – From what we can observe in the world today, technology is the future. This guide shows how veterans apply their past experiences in the military to the technological age that is today.
  • Indeed example: US Military Veteran Entry Level IT Job – Using search engines like Indeed may feel random, but it's good to get into the weeds searching for ideas with different keywords to get a feel for what's out there. This example search shows a list of IT-related jobs that might spark your interest.


More Resources:

Remote Digital Jobs That Align with Common Veteran Skills

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  • IT Systems Manager –  Computer and information systems managers plan, coordinate, and direct computer-related activities in an organization. Their roles include analyzing, implementing, operating and managing software, telecommunications, networks and computer systems through all phases of a life cycle.
  • Information Security Analyst – Plan and carry out security measures to protect a company's computer networks and systems. An information security analyst keeps constant tabs on threats and monitors their organization's networks for any breaches in security. This jobs is becoming more and more in demand as large company data moves to the cloud and the amount of big data explodes.
  • Web Developer – Web developers and software engineers use coding languages to program and scale websites and web applications. Some web developers work in the computer systems design and related services industry for large corporations, which would be more similar in structure to military life and chain of command. Others work at high-growth startups, which are more unstable but have greater returns if the company becomes the next Facebook or Google.
  • Lead Applications Developer – This position is responsible for directing the development team in the design, development, coding, testing and debugging of applications.
  • Cloud Architect – These experts are responsible for the supervision and management of a company's cloud computing system. This is a very technical position and involves designing the architecture of a cloud infrastructure system including working on cloud application designs, cloud approval plans, and systems required to manage cloud storage. 


More Resources:

Programs to Help with Training and Certification

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  • CCS Learning Academy – CCS Learning Academy provides classroom-based programs for veterans, preparing them for sought-after roles in Microsoft Business Intelligence.
  • S Tech VETS – U.S Tech VETS is a technological organization designed to connect veterans and their spouses with jobs that relate to the tech industry.
  • Career One-Stop – Career One Stop delivers integrated, comprehensive workforce info that helps veterans, students, workers, and job seekers develop their skill and decision making in the new age of economy.
  • Onward to Opportunity (O2O) – Onward to Opportunity is committed to serving veterans and their families so that they can improve their future and the future of their loved ones.


More Resources: 

Online Resources for Digital Skills Training

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  • Code Platoon – Code Platoon's world-class training program is dedicated to improving the skills of military veterans and spouses.
  • Udemy – Udemy is a large marketplace with over a thousand courses and millions of students. They offer courses such as programming, marketing, and data science.
  • Skillsoft – Skillsoft is a U.S based tech company that provides courses for learning management, system software, and content.
  • Grow with Google – Grow with Google is a free course that helps you improve your skills, career, or business. There are a lot in store for you as you explore their programs and in-person workshops.
  • Upskill Digital – Upskill Digital provides courses that help programmers train to ensure the future of your business will thrive in this digital age we live in.
  • Accenture – Are you looking for a new job or do you want to start your own business? You'll learn all the necessary skills at Accenture. They have courses such as plumbing, programming, and 3D modeling.
  • Alison – Alison offers different types of online courses in nine distinct categories. They offer courses such as certificate courses, learning paths, and diploma courses.


More Resources:

  • American Corporate Partners – non-profit organization that offers services among veterans willing to transition into the civilian community.
  • Apprenti Careers – offers services that may help you start and advance your tech career.
  • NPower – learn more and advance your tech skills with the help of Npower.

Transition Consultation Services & Programs

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  • Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program – The Transition Assistance Program provides transitioning services to service members preparing for their civilian life. From additional education to job seeking in public or private sectors, TAP is there for you.
  • Navy Transition Assistance – Navy Transition Assistance is a program dedicated to helping the transition process of veterans and their families. They offer educational programs, proactive outreach, and family support services.
  • Air Force Transition Assistance Program – One of the main goals of the Air Force Transition Assistance Program is to provide information, training, and tools to dedicated service members and their spouses as they prepare for their civilian life. From additional education to business opportunities, they got you covered.


More Resources:

Digital Entrepreneurship Guides for Veterans

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  • Patriot Boot Camp – Patriot Boot Camp is an organization that provides veterans, spouses, and active duty service members with access to educational programming, mentors, experts, and services that will help create and improve your businesses.
  • Launch Lab Online from Bunker Labs – Launch Lab Online offers veterans and spouses an interactive way to enjoy learning entrepreneurship. It can be done anytime anywhere, you get to choose.
  • StreetShares Foundation Veteran Small Business Award – According to their website, “The StreetShares Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to inspire, educate and support the military entrepreneurial community.”  The organization was launched on Veterans Day in 2016, built to serve military community entrepreneurs nationwide. The foundation’s programs provide access to educational content, mentors, coaching, networking events and capital opportunities.
  • VetToCEO –  As mentioned on their website, “The VetToCEO core program is a seven-week program. You'll join a group of fellow qualified veterans and Active, Guard, and Reserve military who are either exploring entrepreneurship as a career path choice or aggressively completing their business plan”.
  • Center of Excellence for Veteran Entrepreneurship – The Center of Excellence for Veteran Entrepreneurship is a company that helps transitioning veterans and their families into successful business owners. Their organized system makes your business flow smoothly.
  • Hivers and Strivers – is an investment group that helps find veteran-owned businesses. They mostly fund graduates of the U.S military academies. That's not all, they also offer expert business advice.  According to their website, their typical round of investment is between $250,000 and $1,000,000.
  • Boots to Business (B2B) – Boots to Business is a free training program offered by the SBA that helps veterans become entrepreneurs. The starting point is a 2-day event that goes over the basics of business ownership at a military perspective. Multiple courses are available for enrollment after you complete the task.
  • Veteran’s Business Outreach Center (VBOC) – The Veteran's Business Outreach Center offers training, mentoring, and counseling to help veterans start their own business. They offer the best training course that fits best for you.
  • Bunker In a Box – Bunker in a Box is a company that helps you start your own business. A major strong point of the program is that its community is mainly composed of successful entrepreneurs from around the country. They offer top-notch advice and services.


More Resources:

Find Jobs Online – Job Boards for Veterans 

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1. Check National Job Websites for Veterans 

  • Feds Hire Vets -Feds Hire Vets is a federal informational site for veterans, active or transitioning military service members, their families, and federal hiring.
  • – offers a wide variety of services such as jobs and new opportunities for veterans. These opportunities are made to help the vets in their civilian life.
  • Military Hire – Military Hire is a site run by a team of both military veterans and corporate hiring authorities. Their goal is to create a network where former military personnel can seek careers and utilize their professional skills.
  • Vet Jobs – Vet Jobs aims to offer career opportunities for military-affiliated job seekers. They ensure that job seekers connect with the career opportunities they deserve.
  • G.I Jobs – G.I Jobs is a great place to look for job and career opportunities as a veteran. They offer a wide variety of tips, articles, and online tools to help explore your potential in a different career.
  • Hire Veterans –  Hire Veterans offers the best and most relevant jobs to veteran job seekers. They offer easy access to resumes and job postings. 


2. Check Remote Digital Job Boards

  • Remote Ok –  is one of the biggest remote job boards, and a go-to source for employers to post jobs. This should be your first stop in finding a remote career in the tech industry.
  • We Work Remotely – is hailed as the largest remote community in the world. We Work Remotely is the top destination when it comes to remote jobs.
  • Remotive – is a company that helps interested job seekers remote work. You can check their newsletter for the list for available remote positions.
  • Remote – offers remote jobs such as web development, recruiter roles, HR roles, sales jobs, customer service positions, and other related jobs.
  • Just Remote – Just Remote is a job platform that allows job seekers to find the best remote job that fits their abilities. They offer positions such as marketing, customer success positions, development, and design.
  • Virtual Vocations – is a job board that features positions in job fields such as technical writing and paralegal. With the lack of remote job listings online, a stay-at-home mom started this website, and today the company is being run by a remote team.
  • We Work Remotely – provides a wide variety of remote work. Some of the jobs include web design, programming, and customer service. Because of its extensive job board, you can easily find a remote career that works for you.
  • ZODL – is a new job board focused on posting free eCommerce jobs. Most of the eCommerce jobs they offer are remote. There may be less listings, but they're more specific and there's less noise.


3. Check Local County Job Boards for Veterans 

  • LA County – LA County is a company that is inspired by the sacrifices made by the U.S veterans.They offer jobs and careers to returning and transitioning veterans.
  • New York City – New York State Department of Labor presents opportunities to unemployed veterans and job seekers.
  • Chicago – Chicago Veterans has built a partnership with various employers in our area looking to hire Veterans. They aim to help veterans in their journey to the civilian workforce.
  • San Francisco – San Francisco Veteran Affairs offers a variety of jobs and career opportunities for veterans on the San Francisco area.
  • Dallas – WIT promotes and supports a workforce system that creates value and offers employers, individuals, and communities the opportunity to achieve and sustain economic prosperity.


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