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Chrissie Lam

Love Is Project founder, Chrissie Lam, started the Love Is Project while in Kenya working with the Maasai tribe. The goal was to create a product that could scale and create more jobs for the women there. After creating the first beaded Red love bracelet, she took it around the world and asked people what love meant and documented on Instagram. 


The company had cash flow issues, specifically, inventory management and marketing expenses. 

Action Taken

SBDC helped the company streamline her business and expense. One of the major issues targeted was outsourcing. SBDC helped with outsourcing her backroom operations and fulfillment. 


Ms. Lam received a small business loan of $250,000 to help grow her business. This helped help her with stocking up on inventory during her high season. This also helps spend more on her digital marketing and creating content, impact reports, and new products.


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