5 Ways Technology Has Improved the Quality and Sustainability of Modern-Day Structures


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By: Casey Heigl,

There is no denying that technology has altered our lives forever. From the powerful smartphones we carry with us everywhere we go to the satellite systems that guide us in the right direction as we navigate from one place to the next, technology is interwoven into virtually every part of our lives. Even our homes and other buildings are being constructed in revolutionary ways that make them sturdier and longer-lasting than ever before.

Technology has improved the quality and longevity of modern-day structures in several ways. In the 21st century, the construction industry has evolved rapidly to harness the power of new technologies. In addition to the high-tech devices we now install in our homes, builders also use advanced tools and equipment to build structures that can withstand things like hurricanes and devastating floods. They even have access to high-tech building materials and supplies that most of us would have never dreamed of a few short decades ago.

Here are just a few of the many ways that the construction industry has embraced technology and how those high-tech solutions are improving the quality and longevity of modern-day structures.

More Accurate Surveying and Excavation Equipment

In the past, all measurements had to be taken manually, and blueprints and plans needed to be drafted by hand. Thanks to things like GPS, laser-based survey equipment, and laser-based tunneling and excavation equipment, though, all that manual labor is a thing of the past. his powerful equipment does more than save time and make the job easier. It also ensures much greater accuracy.

Using high-tech tools like the ones listed above ensures greater precision in foundations, corners, and perimeters. This equipment helps eliminate human error and saves builders a lot of time, resources, frustration, and money. By ensuring greater accuracy, high-tech construction equipment also allows for higher-quality construction.

Construction Management Software

Modern construction management software makes it easy for builders to stay on schedule and increase productivity. These programs also allow teams to monitor progress and keep everyone aware of progress in real time. Building information management (BIM) software contains many of the standard construction management tools but combines them with the ability to create a three-dimensional building plan that can be combined with a comprehensive schedule. Such programs pave the way for prefabrication and enable builders and planners to detect potential problems in advance. When software enables companies to work more efficiently and avoid common problems, it enables them to build higher quality structures.


Drones make it possible for surveyors to map out a specified area—even if humans and heavy machinery are unable to access the area. They can be used to create detailed plans and to monitor progress in real time. Since drones allow workers to get a bird’s eye view of the work going on below, they can be used to detect potential problems and look for deviations from the blueprints. This enables construction crews to detect and correct issues that could lead to serious problems later on.

Innovative Building Materials

All around the world, a huge amount of research is being done to determine ways to develop innovative building materials that offer greater longevity and safety than traditional materials. A type of self-healing concrete is currently being tested to make buildings and infrastructure more sustainable, and heat-reflective paints are being developed to reduce heating and cooling needs in buildings.

A new material called the CABKOMA Strand Rod has been developed in Japan to serve as seismic reinforcement. Made from a thermoplastic carbon fiber composite, it is the lightest seismic reinforcement currently available, and it is very pleasing to the eye.

Thanks to the development of these new building materials, new ways to build homes and commercial buildings that are stronger are emerging almost daily. Builders are embracing these materials and using them to create structures that can better withstand the test of time and survive natural disasters.

Disaster Resilience

The world we live in is changing. While that is often a great thing, in other situations it is not so good. Changes in the climate are resulting in an increasing number of natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, etc. In response, builders and architects are developing ways to use technology to make homes and commercial buildings that are more resistant to such events.

Disaster resilience is a huge topic in the construction industry right now, and there is ongoing research into designs and materials that are better able to withstand the forces of nature. Things like concrete walls (which can now be 3D printed, thanks to technological advancements) are widely used in areas that are prone to flooding because concrete can get wet and then dry quickly. Storm-resistant windows, reinforced impact-resistant doors, and other building materials have been developed to protect buildings from hurricanes and tornadoes. Builders are using high-tech industrial adhesives in addition to mechanical fasteners to help prevent roofs from being ripped off structures during high winds.


Technology has changed life as we know it. It is with us always, and it even plays a huge role in the ways our homes are constructed. Thanks to technological advancements in the construction industry, the quality, and longevity of modern-day structures have improved dramatically.

Casey Heigl is a packaging industry insider. As the Marketing Manager for Gluegun.com, she has extensive knowledge of hot melt applications, vendors, and industry trends. Casey enjoys sharing her unique perspective with her blog writing. When she isn’t researching and writing articles she is spending time with her family and crafting with professional glue guns!

SOURCE: https://www.constructconnect.com/blog/5-ways-technology-improved-quality-sustainability-modern-day-structures

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