I wish you, your family, and employees to continue to be safe during this time.


As your CDCR Statewide SB/DVBE Advocate, I’m just checking in to remind you that CDCR still has bidding opportunities during this time, you can locate these opportunities at https://www.caleprocure.ca.gov, CDCRs Department is 5225. 


In addition, here are some helpful tips during this time:


CDCR Vendor Database

Fill out the STD. 204 Payee Data Records and Supplement Vendor Payee Data Records forms, send them back to me and I will have your company added to the CDCR database, see attachments.


Additional Information

  • CDCRs Services & Goods, see attachment
  • CDCR Map
  • CDCR SB/DVBE Advocate List
  • CDCR FY 19/20 Look Ahead Report


Continue To Market Your Business

  • Use the CDCR SB/DVBE Advocate list to send your PDF capability statement and reintroduce your business to CDCR, see attachment.
  • You can further market your business by sending your PDF capability statement to other state agencies by obtaining the list at http://www.dgs.ca.gov/pd/Programs/OSDS/advocate.aspx


Commercially Used Function

All California certified SB/DVBEs (contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers of goods/services) bidding on/participating in a state contract, regardless of the procurement approach or the payment method used must perform CUF, see attachment.


Performs CUF when is doing all of the following:

  • Executing a distinct element of the contract work including supplying of goods/services.
  • Performing, managing, or supervising the work including supplying of goods/services.
  • Performing work that is normal for the firm’s business services and functions.
  • Is responsible, with respect to products, inventories, materials and supplies required for the subcontract, for negotiating price, determining quality and quantity, ordering, installing (if applicable), and paying for the material.
  • Not subcontracting a portion of the work greater than expected by industry practices.


Does NOT perform CUF if:

  1. An extra participant in a transaction, contract, or project through which funds are passed in order to obtain the appearance of SB/DVBE participation.
  2. Not being used to perform the work as stipulated in the bid.
  3. No longer used to provide good/services listed in initial bid response.


Prompt Payment Program
The Prompt Payment Act requires State agencies to pay properly submitted, undisputed invoices within 45 calendar days of initial receipt.  If the requirement is not met, State departments must automatically calculate and pay the appropriate late payment penalties as specified in Government Code section 927, et seq.  For information regarding the Prompt Payment Program go to http://www.dgs.ca.gov/pd/Programs/OSDS/PromptPayment.aspx.


Complete an online application at https://caleprocure.ca.gov up to 90 days prior to the expiration date whether or not you receive a recertification notice.  If you have questions, please contact DGS, Procurement Division, Office of Small Business & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (OSDS) at (916) 375-4940.


Maintaining Certification Profile
Visit https://caleprocure.ca.gov to update your certification profile online. You can complete a Certification Information Change form located at http://www.documents.dgs.ca.gov/pd/smallbus/certchange.pdf and send via email to OSDSHelp@dgs.ca.gov and if you have questions call (916) 375-4940.

Bid Notifications
To receive bid notifications, your firm must have a registration in the Financial Information System of California (FI$Cal). Go to https://caleprocure.ca.gov to get registered.


Proof of Certification
To view and print your certification profile, go to https://caleprocure.ca.gov . Enter your business name or your Certification ID. Click the search button below "Certification ID". Then, click "View Profile" and print. The screen print is your proof of certification.



Add your certification number to your invoice so our accounting office knows you’re a certified SB or DVBE and the Prompt Payment Program applies to you.


Other Resources

  • GO-Biz - About GO-Biz
    The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) serves as California’s single point of contact for economic development and job creation efforts. GO-Biz offers a range of services to business owners including: attraction, retention and expansion services, site selection, permit streamlining, clearing of regulatory hurdles, small business assistance, international trade development, assistance with state government, and much more. For more information visit: www.business.ca.gov


If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at nina.martinez@cdcr.ca.gov.

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