Titan Enterprises, Fort Bragg


Titan Enterprises is a sole proprietorship owned by Sunn Dorsey of Fort Bragg, California. Dorsey started out working in construction before learning welding and beginning to make custom truck racks several years ago. He began making his own custom truck racks in 2009, and has recently expanded his business to include all types of fabrication, welding, and related work. Dorsey’s busy new shop at Noyo Harbor still makes custom truck racks and gets orders for these racks from all over California, but he has also been working a great deal with the fisheries at Noyo Harbor doing boat repair, fishing equipment repair, and related metalwork, and this line of work has become an important part of his business. He has used his connections at the harbor and in the construction industry to obtain a number of jobs doing handrails for handicap access ramps, for showers, and for other custom jobs as well.

When Sunn Dorsey first came to West Company in 2009, he had an obvious talent for welding and was making high-quality custom truck racks, but he had no business experience whatsoever. He did not know what permits and licenses he would need for his new business, he did not know anything about bookkeeping or financial management, and he did not know where to get started marketing his services.

He began working with an SBDC Business Advisor on the logistical aspects of starting a business right away. After that, Dorsey worked with the SBDC to get his books in order and to figure out the real cost breakdown of his goods and services. The last challenge Dorsey faced was finding a better location for his business—finding an affordable place with proper zoning was no easy feat.

Since moving to Noyo Harbor, Dorsey has been able to really grow and expand his business. He still makes his custom truck racks, but also works with the other businesses at the harbor to repair boats and fishing equipment and do to all sorts of custom welding and metalwork. Dorsey’s shop has become a real asset to the Noyo Harbor business community. Dorsey’s sales have more than doubled in the past year, and he is getting ready to hire additional help in his busy shop. Dorsey plans to work more on his website and online presence and is excited about the potential of his business going forward.

SOURCE: https://www.mendosbdc.org/story/631

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