Caleprocure and YOU!


Did you know that you have 2 accounts with caleprocure?


1.       The public one (California profile) where we see your information like keywords, parent UNSPSC codes, and websites.

2.       The Notification page (where you log into your account) and list the parent UNSPSC codes and their subheadings that match your account with solicitation notifications. 

After 11 years, I have found out that the majority of the SB/DVBEs in the data base don’t have a clue to these procedures.


I am going to break this down into four segments.


1.       Updating your keywords/UNSPSC codes on your profile and notification page

2.       Update your Capability Statement, emails, website, business cards

3.       Reciprocity Partners

4.       California Multiple Awards (CMAS) where applicable.


1.       Updating your California Profile and Notification Page. First listen to the 11 minute webinar.  It goes through the process step by step without any breaks.  Then follow the attached instructions. You are only as good as your competitors.  So, steal their words!  90% of the advocates search by keywords.  The more you have, the better your chances on being called.  You want a giant list of words, use the singular, not the plural and don’t repeat words.  On the California profile, use the parent code, NOT the 8 digit code.

2.       The Capability Statement should have 4 things going for it:  Call it what it is: a Capabilities Statement (You have more than one capability), one page (can be double-sided), the SB or SB-PW or DVBE number be there along with other certifications and their supplier id numbers, UNSPSC PARENT CODES (Codes ending in “00”) and their description. Your email, business cards, website should all have your certifications including CMAS with supplier id numbers. Google: capabilities statement examples if you need help in finding the right statement for you! (see handout)

3.       Reciprocity Partners :, CLICK the giant check mark, CLICK the 3rd bullet under the 3rd Heading – Outreach Resources. These agencies honor the SB and/or DVBE certifications.  You CLICK on the agency and it takes you to their website.  Register on ALL of the agencies you want to do business with, get the local buyer contact, and put your supplier id on everything: website, email, capability statement, business cards. (DVBEs should also consider the utilities at the end of the list past the San Diego information.)

4.       CMAS – go to, CLICK the giant checkmark, under the 3rd heading, Outreach Resources, CLICK the last bullet, Become a CMAS contractor.  Call them at 916-375-4365, tell them what you sell, and ask if you qualify.  They will spoon feed.  Once approved, put that contract number on everything!


Once you have done all of this, then MARKET, MARKET, MARKET!  It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!


Good luck!!!

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