Care to Establish and Succeed in a Remote Career? Here’s What to Focus Upon


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A general statement that every worker in the world wants a better work-life balance is undeniably and unequivocally true. Each profession, no matter how much you enjoy it, takes a toll on your body and mind. This especially resonates with those working 9-to-5, having to attend countless monotone meetings, and working with larger collectives. 

 Pursuing a successful career can be formatted in a more flexible, healthier, less stressful, and overall more productive way. Millions of companies are of this opinion as well. This is why they start to introduce or have fully embraced the magical remote work model.

What is Remote Work?

Everything you need to know about it is already in its name. It means you get to work on your schedule, from your own choice of location, as long as you get the work done. 

There is an increased level of freedom, from little things such as not having to be dressed formally (but rather in that old pair of pajamas you adore) or being able to take as many breaks as you want, to much more important conveniences such as curving all that stress from commuting and coworking and tailoring your days to personal habits. 

Why Corporates Let People Work This Way?

It is much more convenient for everyone - both employers and employees. The corporate, however, focus on sparing massive amounts of money they have to spend on maintaining a professional environment, while your reasons are more personally related.


Namely, once your company gives you a partly-remote or a full remote schedule, they get to save on employees’ transportation costs, utilities, office supplies, etc. For one person, these costs are invisible. For, say, 200 workers, the costs are quite significant. 

Also, studies say that people get much more productive this way. Once they don’t have to be worried about what is happening back home during their workhours, their focus and work stamina skyrocket.

What Are Some of the First Steps?

Well, first and foremost, you'll have to bear in mind that research is key. Before you consider venturing into a remote career, it is best to invest a fair portion of your time in getting as informed as possible. In the age of the internet, we are lucky to have pages and pages of people’s thoughts, experiences, and opinions at the tip of our fingers.

Try to utilize all of this info by soaking up whatever you can. Do not just focus on the positive, but rather scrutinize every aspect of this work model. People rarely find it is not for them; still, you know your habits best.

Once you decide to try the model, examine if remote work is available at your company. The old saying says, ‘Ask, and you shall be given.’ Your employer could be happy to help you raise your productivity and work-life balance. If the company has no remote work policy and you are stubborn to reap the benefits of telecommuting, you can always jump to another, remote work-oriented company.

If you start working remotely, make sure to set your priorities straight. Remember the main reasons why you nosedived into a remote career. If you want to focus on your health and overall wellness, use the extra time to improve your habits - work out, sleep well, eat healthily, and dismiss any smaller stress effectors. You are soon to experience the change brought to your life by a much less strict timetable.

In case the family is your priority, plan your workdays accordingly. Taking care of your children, putting time and effort into their nourishment, education, and overall upbringing is incredibly important and will take a massive chunk of your day. Still, through telecommuting, you’ll be able to do so, and much more.

Also, if you are a student, a remote career is one of the few options to succeed in balancing school and work. Many people put themselves through school using the remote work model, which is amazing - you can sharpen your skills while not letting your diploma suffer.

Working 9-to-5 still costs a pretty penny, so you will be able to save up. Most of us who once had to punch clocks in the office a lot of times had to pick up a cup of coffee from a drive-thru, order lunch at work, pitch in for different occasions, and even get some supplies from our own pockets. 

Since you no longer have to do this, make sure to put all these costs on paper, and set that money aside in a piggy bank. You can use it for enrolling in a cooking class, trying pottery, starting yoga - anything that could benefit your mind and soul. Take care of yourself and stay content; you’ll see your days get much brighter, and your productivity will blast off!

Last but certainly not the least - travel if you can. Experiences you gain from traveling can change your life fundamentally. You’ll see yourself getting more openminded, culturally and intellectually richer, satisfied, and, of course, grateful that your career does not suffer. If you work remotely, you can work from anywhere in the world. Use this advantage to its full potential.


With everything said, it comes to no surprise as to why remote work is gaining such vigorous momentum. Points mentioned above are something everyone wishes for in their professional lives. You can do it as well. Just remember - once you try it, use it to the max!


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