Commitment & Consistency: Elements of a Successful Construction Business



By John Lack,

Many elements are necessary for a successful construction business—great employees, well-established customers, updated equipment, a sound office, and finances. In addition, whether you are starting a new business or already in business, the behind-the-scenes elements of commitment and consistency are also essential.

First, goals must be set to have any commitment. What do you envision? Goals give us a direction to head toward and a target to reach. They help us separate what is important and what is a waste of time. Goals determine what actions are needed. You might adjust your goals along the way, but it would be hard to have clear direction without them.

Second, you must be motivated. What motivates you and fuels your excitement? Are you a skilled craftsman who wants to be the best custom carpentry contractor in your area? Are you creative at landscape design and want to express that creativity? Do you see a problem in the industry that you can solve? Is money, free time, or helping others a motivation? It is important to identify and connect to the excitement and energy that will motivate you to act toward your desired outcomes.


Total commitment to the process is necessary to push through the obstacles and roadblocks one encounters along the way. Difficulties such as labor issues, competition, financial challenges, and market fluctuations can cause you to take your eyes off the goal and lose your motivation. Running a construction business can sometimes take around-the-clock commitment—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. There are many areas one needs to commit to in growing and maintaining a successful construction business. 

 This can include:

  • Bringing the project in on time and on budget.
  • Promoting a safety culture.
  • Putting in long days and weekends.
  • Not letting fear be your motivator.
  • Expanding in other areas of business.
  • Staying open minded and welcoming new ideas and technology.
  • Valuing quality, excellence, integrity, and trust in yourself and others.
  • Financial responsibility.
  • Keeping things in balance by delegating work and responsibilities to others.
  • Building lasting relationships.


It is important to understand that consistency is an important part of any commitment. The day-after-day routine can become boring and uneventful, making us question whether to keep going. Be patient and flexible with yourself, even when you feel you are not moving forward.

Here are a few things you can do to help yourself stay consistent:

  • Give yourself time to see change.
  • Keep going when you make a mistake.
  • Hold yourself accountable.
  • Reward yourself when accomplishments are made.
  • Keep your schedule realistic.
  • Take time to get refreshed.
  • Use motivational tactics to keep going.

Keep in mind, it is what someone does consistently that brings success—not what someone does occasionally.

Having the motivation to stay committed and consistent is powerful and gives you the ability to achieve your desired dreams.

At Acuity, we understand these principles and are committed to building long-term relationships with our insured contractors. With 50,000+ contractors placing their trust in us, and a 95% customer claim satisfaction, our focus is you.

John L. is our Construction guru
I bring over 35 years of experience in the construction industry in both field and office positions to Acuity including carpentry, welding, project management, contract negotiation, and much more. Also, I founded my own commercial general contracting firm specializing in building grocery stores. Over the years I’ve worked closely with architects, civil engineers, and developers. I’ve found it instrumental to build solid relationships with all involved in the construction project, including insurance companies. This is why I am here, I want to help you the contractor better understand insurance and help Acuity to offer products and services that meet your unique needs. I feel a close connection to construction and with my background I feel that I can make sure contractors have a better insurance experience.


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