Mayor Garcetti stresses innovation, accountability in yearly review of General Managers


Mayor Eric Garcetti this week concluded his annual review and interviews with all of the City’s general managers as part of his “back to basics” agenda of bringing common sense reforms, improved city services and greater accountability to City Hall.

During the review process, Mayor Garcetti met with each general manager to assess departments’ performance over the previous year — and outline a vision for how each department will meet new challenges and achieve greater success in the months and years ahead.

“My administration is focused on solving problems, delivering better services and building a city for the future,” said Mayor Garcetti. “My annual review of each department measures our city’s progress in meeting our goals, and ensures that all of us in city government remain accountable for delivering results.”

Mayor Garcetti required each general manager to reapply for his or her job upon taking office in 2013, and established the process of annual general manager reviews. Prior reviews have resulted in several advances in coordinated service delivery and transparency, including:
  • Mayor Garcetti’s decision to make homelessness every department’s top priority led to the creation of the Unified Homelessness Response Center — for the first time, bringing the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), L.A. Sanitation & Environment (LASAN), the Department of Transportation (LADOT), Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Fire Department and other partners together in one place to provide a more rapid, concerted, and coordinated response to the homelessness crisis.
  • The Bureau of Street Services (BSS) adopted a coordinated approach with the support of other departments working in the right of way that has increased the percentage of L.A. streets in good repair from 44% to 60% for the first time in decades — and reduced pothole repair turnaround time from about 8 working days in 2013 to under 3 working days today.
  • A partnership between the Mayor’s office, the LAPD and the Personnel Department was established to create a recruitment plan that prioritizes diversity and ensures the police force has the personnel capacity to meet L.A.’s public safety needs. The result is the Pledge to Patrol initiative, which has female participation exceeding 50%.

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