Entrepreneur Celebrates 100,000 Bags Checked with no Claims or Losses


Rapidly growing business solves event bag limit policy frustrations for fans


Local event bag valet business Walker’s Lockers last week celebrated 100,000 bags checked with no claims or losses during more than 378 events.

“Due to new, more restrictive bag policies, event attendees faced either returning their bags to their vehicles and risk theft or missing the event. What started in 2016 as a better all-around alternative quickly grew to a very successful business model,” said Walker’s Lockers Founder and CEO Geoff Walker, a long-time sports and event manager. “The secret to success is a high level of customer service for the bag checking customer, and strong relationships with the clients. It’s that dedication to service that reaches 100,000 bags checked with no claims or losses since day one.”

Decidedly low-tech, the customer-service focused company partners directly with sports teams, event producers, and venues to offer their attendees friendly, secure, and expedient bag valet service when turned away due to ever limiting bag policies. Walker’s Lockers employees quickly check each bag, personally keep it secure, and rapidly return it at the end of the event. The cost to attendees can be as low as free of charge depending on the agreement with the venue, team, or event.

“Ninety-nine percent of people coming to us have been turned away from the venue because their bags don’t meet stringent bag policies,” said Walker. “They’re frustrated. We try to improve their experience with fast, customer-focused service. Unlike companies with limited numbers of self-serve lockers, we always find room and have never turned away a customer.”

Currently operating in five states and growing, Walker’s Lockers today serves several major sports teams, including the Seattle Sounders FC, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Huskies Football, Stanford Football, Minnesota United FC, Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings, and others. They also serve multiple venues and one-time events, including this summer’s Rolling Stones concert at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, as well as private and corporate events.

The idea for Walker’s Lockers took seed when, as event operations manager for the 2016 Copa América Centenario games in Seattle, Walker identified how to better support fans checking bags. He shared his idea with Seattle Sounders Vice President of Business Operations Taylor Graham, who agreed to test it. After just two games, the Sounders signed a two-year contract.

“With evolving bag policies across sports leagues in North America, we very quickly we realized there were very limited options for teams or venues to offer a consistent, safe, and reliable service to check a bag,” said Graham. “The Walker’s Lockers team provides a customer first approach where every fan is offered a quick, reliable, and insured avenue to stow their belongings. I credit their success to their customer centric mentality.”

Increased bag policies such as clear bag requirements, size requirements, and limits on the number of bags have been adopted by the NFL, SEC, NCAA and multiple other organizations. These requirements are also regularly required for large events and concerts. Venues are faced with finding services that positively support attendees and avoid negative impressions. For more information, visit www.walkerslockers.com


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