The Advantages of Diversity in Construction


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By Ron Dolive

Diversify more and prosper! The construction industry is experiencing changes in the workforce because more people are leaving the construction workforce than entering. This puts pressure on companies and contractors to find ways to attract construction skilled talent and make their organizations more competitive and productive. Research and reports show that embracing diversity in construction helps firms experience higher performance and increased profitability. Below, we examine some of the advantages that your company gets to enjoy by adopting diverse initiatives.

More Talent
How long do you have to look for the right construction skills when you offer a construction job? Do you always turn to the same pool of candidates hoping that luck will be on your side? Coming out of a painful recession has found the construction industry in great need of talented tradespeople. The rough times forced many professionals to leave the field and never come back while the generation of baby boomers is steadily retiring. A great way to get a competitive edge in the industry is by turning to a diverse pool of talent. Women, millennials, and minorities are invaluable construction resources for skills.

More Creativity
It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The same applies when you use the same resources for every project. You receive similar points of view, thoughts, and suggestions for problems that need unique solutions. A great benefit of embracing diversity in construction is the ability to collect different perspectives and outlooks that increase creativity and improve problem solving. Hiring tradespeople with both strong construction skills and diverse backgrounds gives your firm a different mindset and multifaceted approach for the needs of your projects.

More Productivity
Every construction job needs a tradesperson with specific construction skills. Similarly, every project needs tradespeople with qualifications who work for the same objective—delivering the best results. Embracing diversity in construction brings together professionals with unique abilities who can work as a team and take advantage of each other’s strengths for the success of the project. In addition, a diverse workforce gives upper management the ability to identify and adopt practices, solutions, and processes that boost productivity and facilitate operations.

More Market
Every construction firm’s priority is to grow its market share and increase its profits. One of the challenges they have to overcome is reaching out to customers with various sets of needs and expectations. To do so, they need to find ways to relate to such diverse requirements. The more firms embrace diversity, the more diverse candidates and companies will embrace them. Gain the competitive edge working with diverse construction talent and diverse construction clients in order to grow your market share.
More Popularity
You know that simply offering a construction job is not enough to get the tradespeople you need. Attracting and retaining talent is becoming more and more difficult. A good compensation package is a great perk, but is not enough. The new generation of professionals entering the construction industry is also looking for firms that stand out from the competition in different ways. When your firm builds a reputation as an organization that adopts and implements diverse initiatives in the industry, it gains popularity and differentiates itself from competition, thus attracting more candidates.
Key Takeaways to the Advantages of Diversity for the Construction Industry
1.  When you embrace diversity you are able to address labor shortage
2.  Tradespeople with diverse backgrounds bring more creativity to your firm
3.  A diverse team of tradespeople increases productivity
4.  Employing a diverse workforce allows you to grow your market share
5.  Adopting and implementing diverse initiatives gives your firm a positive reputation
About the Author and TradeSource
Ron Dolive is an account manager for TradeSource. Founded in 1994, TradeSource is a construction labor solutions firm focused on delivering labor solutions to contractors throughout the United States. By supplying skilled tradespeople—where and when they’re needed—they help contractors grow their companies, without the associated costs and hassles of full-time hires. Likewise, they match qualified employees with rewarding and well-paying job opportunities in the construction industry. 

Source: TradeSource

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