5 Safety Tips to Remember on the Job Site


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By John Lack,

We all have our busy seasons and for most contractors summer is the busy time. Unfortunately, cutting corners or accidentally overlooking important safety protocol can happen when schedules are tight and the demand to complete one project and move to the next increases. But don’t let that happen to you or your employees.

A company’s safety culture is a critical foundation for any construction company and keeping employees safe will include education and training in the types of hazards employees may be exposed to. Without proper training and promotion of a culture of safety, business owners may be putting their employees at risk and potentially costing the company money and negative publicity due to accidents and fines.

Below are 5 summer safety tips to give to your employees this season.

  1. Heat exposure – Maintaining proper hydration on hot days must be a top priority and it’s critical to watch for signs of dehydration in yourself and your coworkers. Scheduling work in cooler parts of the day or at night, drinking plenty of water, keeping your body’s electrolytes up, staying away from caffeine, use sun screen, taking breaks to cool your body’s temperature, eating light lunches, wearing proper clothing and knowing basic first aid for heat exposure are all part of staying safe in the heat of the day.
  2. Public access – Nice weather brings out more of the public that may be walking around your jobsite. This includes children. Securing your jobsite should include securing fencing and locks. Any open holes must be child proof and have the proper barricades. Simple caution tape should not be used as a safety barrier  since children can duck under it. Secure machinery, equipment, tools and chemicals to prevent tampering. Keep children in mind in these seasons.
  3. Traffic – The increase of summer traffic is something we are all aware of. Proper traffic control, signage and safety equipment are important when working around roads and highways. Heavy traffic leading up to the summer holiday weekends may not be the best time to transport larger equipment, job trailers or equipment to and from the jobsite using the highways. Early planning may offer better options to stay safe on the roads.
  4. Personal protection equipment – Some PPE holds in body heat but should never be compromised due to the hot weather.  Adjustments can be made for the employee to feel more comfortable when working. Providing cooling bands for under hard hats and cooling towels for the back of the neck can even help the welder who is wearing leather gloves and outerwear. Safety sunglasses when working on roof decks or signaling crane lifts etc. can reduce sun glare to bring clearer vision. Large fans can bring adequate cross ventilation in buildings when respirators and masks are being used.
  5. Weather – Severe weather can be a problem at any time of the year. Depending on your location in the country, heavy rains, wind, tornados and hail  could create urgent scenarios for your employees. If you can hear thunder, lightning is likely nearby and employees could get hit. Have a plan for severe weather and communicate where to take shelter. Having weather alert apps or a weather radio can give early warning to protect your employees from summer weather hazards and damage.  
John L. is our Construction guru
I bring over 35 years of experience in the construction industry in both field and office positions to Acuity including carpentry, welding, project management, contract negotiation, and much more. Also, I founded my own commercial general contracting firm specializing in building grocery stores. Over the years I’ve worked closely with architects, civil engineers, and developers. I’ve found it instrumental to build solid relationships with all involved in the construction project, including insurance companies. This is why I am here, I want to help you the contractor better understand insurance and help Acuity to offer products and services that meet your unique needs. I feel a close connection to construction and with my background I feel that I can make sure contractors have a better insurance experience.

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