New Small Business Public Works Certification Effective Jan. 1, 2019


Senate Bill 605 was signed into law on Oct. 11, 2017, amending Government Code (GC) sections 14837 and 14838, which are certification provisions of the Small Business Procurement Act. This bill will create more opportunities for small businesses because it increases the Small Business (SB) Gross Annual Receipts (GARS) cap to $15 million for SBs and $5 million for microbusinesses. Senate Bill 605 also creates a new SB certification category for Public Works (PW) contracts and PW projects as defined in California Public Contract Code § 1101 and GC § 4525. The eligibility requirements for SB-PW suppliers are a maximum of $36 million GARS averaged over the last three years and a maximum employee count of 200 averaged over the most recent four quarters. This new certification expands opportunities to participate in public works projects to firms that are relatively small in the PW arena. Also, it allows SBs close to exceeding the $15 million GARS cap to maintain an SB certification for PW contracts and projects. The new SB-PW application in paper format is available and will be accepted beginning Jan. 1, 2019. Go to:

The online application is coming soon and will be available in Cal eProcure by late January 2019. For more information about SB 605, please visit: If you have any additional questions regarding the SB-PW Certification, please contact OSDS at or (916) 375-4940.  

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