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American Bridge Company is preparing a bid for the following project:
GWB-244.287 - Rehabilitation of Structural Steel, Removal of Lead Based Paint
and Repainting the Underside of Lower Level& Maintenance Contract for the Travelers
Fort Lee, Bergen County, New Jersey
Contract # GWB-244.287 & GWB-244.287M
Letting Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2024, by 2:30PM Eastern Time
The bid submittal is scheduled for Wednesday, February 21, 2024, by 2:30PM Eastern Time. We hereby request that you submit your quotation to us no later than Monday February 19, by end of day, on the items of work or materials that your company is certified to supply or perform. We encourage the participation of all MBE, WBE, & SDVOB firms certified on the PANYNJ’s Diversity database: email your quotation to
The scope of work for this project includes the rehabilitation of the Lower Level of the George Washington Bridge which includes steel repairs, lead and asbestos removal, repainting of the entire lower level, remove and replacement of the maintenance travelers and their support rails, new median platforms, electrical and control systems associated with the travelers, and replacement of the lower-level turn-around areas. This is a re-bid of the 2019 contract, GWB-244.112 & GWB-244.112M that was bid, awarded, and canceled.
Plans and specifications for this project may be obtained through our SmartBid software.  Email inquiries to estimating@americanbridge.netand an email witha link will be supplied. 
Supply Opportunities Include:(but are not limited to)

Bearings– Median, Repairs, Track Beams
Concrete for Median Turnarounds and some repairs
Expansion Joints
Fencing – Permanent and Temporary
Galvanized Steel Grating
Impact Attenuators – Permanent and Temporary for Median Turnarounds
Maintenance Travelers – Supply, Install oversight, and Maintenance Contract (GWB-244.287M)
Maintenance & Protection of Traffic – Signs, Boards, Etc.
Reinforcing Steel – Median turnarounds and repairs
Steel – Anchor Bolts
Steel – Bolt Supply for Repair and Rivet Replacement Work
Steel – Median Steel
Steel – Permanent Access Platforms for Travelers (Docking Platforms & Tower Access)
Steel – Repair Steel
Steel – Track Beams for Traveler System
And more…
Subcontractor Opportunities Include:(but are not limited to)
Abatement(Lead & Asbestos)
Access System - Suspended Access Platform (Safespan, or similar)
Access System – Temporary Elevators
Access System – Temporary Stair Towers
Fence – Permanent & Temporary
Landscaping – Replanting areas of disturbance
Marine – Safety Boat – Part Time
Marine – Tug Support
Maintenance & Protection of Traffic – Lane Closures
Pavement Markings – Temporary & Permanent
Rebar – Supply & Installation, or just Installation
Trucking & Hauling
And more…

Your quote must conform to all requirements of the bid documents, including but not limited to the plans, general provisions, special provisions, specifications, and contract for construction of the owner/agency (including addenda thereto) and follow all federal, state, and local laws.
If your firm is awarded the project by American Bridge Company, you will be required to execute our standard subcontract or material supply agreement and adhere to AB’s standard Safety and Quality Programs, all of which is available for your review in the AB Standard Programs & Contracts folder within the project Plan Room. Subcontractors, dependent on scale of scope, may be required to furnish a conforming certificate of insurance along with payment and performance bonds before entering a subcontract, the cost of which should be included in your quotation. Suppliers, dependent on scale of scope, may be required to furnish a supply bond before entering into an agreement. If requested, assistance and/or accommodations can be made in obtaining bonding, credit, insurance, etc.
Please note that American Bridge is a safety-conscious company, and the establishment of a safe workplace will receive the utmost attention. All site personnel will be required to adhere to the safety requirements of American Bridge Company and governing agencies.
Should you require assistance, or additional information concerning the above project, please contact us at
American Bridge Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer

American Bridge Company - GWB-244.287 - Rehabilitation of Structural Steel, Removal of Lead Based Paint and Repainting the Underside of Lower Level & Maintenance Contract for the Travelers

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