Sub Bid Requests

Crack, seat and overlay with
RHMA AND HMA, and replace culverts
Hwy 101 Healdsburg
Caltrans #04-0J6424
BID DATE:  November 14, 2019 @ 2:00 PM
We are soliciting quotes for (including but not limited to):
Trucking, Temporary and Permanent Erosion Control Measures, Lead Compliance Plan, Progress Schedule (Critical Path Method), Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Portable Changeable Message Sign, SWPPP, Rain Event Action Plan, Storm Water Sampling & Analysis, Sweeping, Vibration Monitoring, Treated Wood Waste, Noise Monitoring, Temporary High-Visibility Fence, Clearing & Grubbing, Shoulder Backing, Pervious Backfill Material, Soil Densification (High Density Polyurethane), Planting & Irrigation, Hydroseed, Compost, Lean Concrete Base Rapid Setting, Crack Treatment, AC Dike, Geosynthetic Pavement Interlayer (Paving Fabric), Tack Coat, Cold Plane AC, Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement, Individual Slab Replacement, Grinding, CIDH Concrete Pile, Structural Concrete, Paving Notch Extension, Architectural Surface (Barrier), Clean Expansion Joint, Joint Seal,  Bar Reinforcing Steel, Sign Structure, Alternative Pipe Culvert, Concrete Backfill, Filter Fabric, Underground, Adust Utilities to Grade, Cleaning, Inspecting, and Preparing Culvert, Clean Drainage Facility, Sand Backfill, Machine Spiral Wound PVC Pipeliner, Rock Slope Protection, Detectable Warning Surface, Minor Concrete, Misc. Iron & Steel, Prepare and Stain Concrete, Fencing, Delineator, Pavement Marker, Roadside Signs, Midwest Guardrail System, Asphalt Composite Vegetation Control, Single Thrie Beam Barrier, Alternative In-Line Terminal System, Crash Cushion, Concrete Barrier, Striping & Marking, Electrical, Temporary Active Treatment System, Crack Pavement, Grind Concrete Pavement, Grated Line Drain, Rumble Strip, and Construction Materials
O. C. Jones & Sons, Inc.
1520 Fourth St., Berkeley, CA 94710
510/526-3424     FAX:  510/526-0990
Jean Sicard (510-809-3411 is the estimator on this project and he is available to provide assistance or answer questions regarding the project scope of work including bid requirements, break out of bid items, plan or spec interpretation,  bonding or insurance requirements, and other bid assistance. Plans and specs are available to review at our Berkeley office, or can be sent out via Building Connected. Plans are also available under the Advertised Projects tab at the Caltrans website at:  PDF format quotes should be emailed to the estimator or faxed to 510-526-0990 prior to noon on the date of the bid. Quotes from DBE Subcontractors, Suppliers and Truckers are highly encouraged. OCJ is willing to breakout any portion of work to encourage DBE participation. Subcontractors must possess a current DIR, Contractors License, and insurance and workers compensation coverage including waiver of subrogation.  OCJ may require Performance and Payment bonds on subcontracts. OCJ will pay the bond premium up to 2% of the contract value. All subcontractors are required to execute OC Jones’ standard subcontract agreement, comply with all insurance requirements, and name OCJ as additional insured. Copies of our agreement and insurance requirements are available upon request.  OCJ is a Union contractor, and we are signatory to the Operating Engineers, Laborers, Teamsters, and Carpenters. OCJ is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Crack, seat and overlay with RHMA AND HMA, and replace culverts Hwy 101 Healdsburg Caltrans #04-0J6424

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