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Oakland Unified School District Department of
Facilities Planning and Management
955 High Street Oakland CA 94601
Responses must be received on October 26, 2022, no later than 2:00 p.m.
Oral, telegraphic, facsimile, and telephone Proposal Packets will not be accepted.  Proposals received after the date and time below will not be accepted.  The District reserves the right to waive any informalities or irregularities in the Proposal Packets.  The District also reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals and to negotiate contract terms with one or more Respondents.
Due to the circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the District will only be accepting electronic Proposals sent via email in lieu of hard copies.  Proposals received by the District no later than 2:00 PM (Pacific Time) on October 26, 2022, via email will be accepted (to Juanita Hunter at  The cover letter shall be addressed to:
Oakland Unified School District
Department of Facilities Planning and Management
955 High Street
Oakland, California, 94601
Attn:  Tadashi Nakadegawa, Deputy Chief
BASIC SCOPE AND NEEDS OF THE PROJECT:  Pursuant to Education Code sections 17250.10 et seq., the Oakland Unified School District seeks a Design-Build Entity to produce final designs for and construct at the McClymonds High School Modernization Project, at 2607 Myrtle Street, Oakland, California 94607 (the “Project”).  The Project comprises of building and site improvements throughout the entire campus, as set forth in the attached Exhibit A.  As set forth herein, the Design-Build Entity will be responsible for the final design and transmission of their final design to the Division of the State Architect (“DSA”), and for obtaining final DSA approval.  No construction work shall be performed until the Design-Build Entity receives written approval of the plans, as to the safety of design and construction, from the DSA. 
DESIGN-BUILD ENTITY PREQUALIFICATION:  From the design-build entities that submit statements of qualifications, the District will determine which entities shall be prequalified, or short-listed, for this Project.  Only design-build entities that are prequalified or short-listed pursuant to Education Code section 17250.25 will be allowed to submit bids or proposals.  
The Design-Build Entity shall be subject to the District’s Local Business Utilization Policy, Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Requirements, and the District’s Project Labor Agreement.  These requirements are delineated in subsequent sections of this RFQ. 
A Design-Build Entity will not be eligible to be prequalified or short-listed if the entity, or any consultant or contractor to the entity, participated in the preparation of this Request for Qualifications or the Request for Bids or Proposals (including the District’s requirements for the design [the “Design Requirements” or “Bridging Documents”]) for the Project.
Any statement of qualifications submitted for this Project must use the template attached to this Request for Qualifications as Exhibit B, and must be certified under penalty of perjury by the Design-Build Entity and its general partners or joint venture members.
The following non-price-related factors will be considered by the District when evaluating qualifications:  1) Technical design and construction expertise, acceptability of safety record, possession of valid design professional and contractor licenses (including a Class “B” California contractor license); and 2) K-12 design and construction project experience, company capacity, and design-build experience with school districts.
A Design-Build Entity shall not be prequalified or short-listed unless the entity provides an enforceable commitment to the District that the Design-Build Entity and its subcontractors at every tier will use a skilled and trained workforce to perform all work on the Project that falls within an apprenticeable occupation in the building and construction trades, pursuant to Education Code section 17250.25(c).
PROJECT ADMINISTRATION:  All questions relative to this Project shall be directed to the following District representatives.  No telephone calls will be accepted; submit letter or email questions only: 
Oakland Unified School District
Department of Facilities Planning and Management
955 High Street
Oakland, CA 94601
Attn: Kenya Chatman, Executive Facilities Director
Cc:  Colland Jang, Facilities Procurement Manager
Best value will be the methodology used to evaluate the proposals and select the Design-Build Entity that will receive award of the contract.  The procedures for the evaluation of the proposals for best value may include requests for additional information or revisions to proposals, discussions, interviews, and negotiations.  More detail about the best value process will be included in the Request for Proposals.  
The schedule for selection of the Design-Build Entity will be as follows:          
District issues Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”):                                September 21, 2022
District’s LBU Consultant conducts “Matchmaking” Sessions:              September 28, 2022
District conducts virtual Pre-proposal Meeting:                                      October 5, 2022
Last day for Design-Build entities to submit written questions:              October 12, 2022
Last day for District to respond to questions in an Addendum:               October 19, 2022
Submission of Statement of Qualifications (“SOQ”):                              October 26, 2022
District conducts virtual Interviews with DBEs:                                      November 7-11, 2022
Notice of District’s decision regarding prequalification:                         November 16, 2022
District issues Request for Proposals (“RFP”) to prequalified DBEs:     November 2022
Proposals due:                                                                                           January 2023
District staff selects DBE and finalizes contract:                                     February 2023
District Board awards the Contract:                                                         March 2023
The District reserves the right to amend this schedule for any reason.
The school district has entered into a Project Labor Agreement that will bind all contractors and subcontractors performing work on the Project, and the DBE must agree to be bound by that Project Labor Agreement.
The full version of OUSD’s latest Project Labor Agreement can be found by going to the OUSD home page:> Offices and Depts> Facilities Planning & Management Department> Opportunities> Project Labor Agreement (PLA)> 2021 Project Labor Agreement (PLA)
Contractors whose scope of work are subject to SB 854 (Public Work Reform) shall register and renew annually with the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR).  DIR shall administer and enforce minimum requirements for contractors bidding and working on public works projects for compliance with prevailing wages, maintaining workers’ compensation coverages, holding applicable licenses, verifying no delinquent unpaid or penalty assessments to any employee or enforcement agency, and confirming no federal or state debarments.
The Local Business Utilization Policy 7115 requires that there is a mandatory fifty percent (50%) LBU participation with a 25% or less Local Business (LBE) participation and a 25% or more Small Local or Small Local Resident Business (SLBE/SLRBE) participation for all capital program/construction-related contracts and professional services agreements.
The calculation for LBU participation shall be applied to the Design-Build Entity as a whole (i.e., not calculated separately for the design team and the construction team).
On April 28, 2021, the Board of Education amended the Local Business Policy which had named the City of Oakland as the singular agency to certify local businesses to include five additional local business certifications.  For businesses located in Oakland, Local Business and Small Local Business certifications may also be accepted from the Port of Oakland, Alameda County Transportation Commission, Alameda County Department of General Services, US Department of Transportation California Unified Certification Program, and the California Public Utilities Commission. The District will follow the City of Oakland Small Business size standards in recognizing Small Local and Small Local Resident Businesses.
The full version of OUSD’s latest Local, Small Local and Small Local Resident Business Enterprise Program can be found by going to the OUSD home page:> Offices and Depts> Facilities Planning & Management Department> Opportunities> Local Business Utilization (LBU) Policy> 2021 Policy Amendment


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