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Owner: San Diego County Water Authority

Project Name:  Pipeline 5 Relining, North Twin Oaks Valley Road to Crossover Pipeline Turnout, Spec. 669
Location: City of San Marcos along the Water Authority’s Second Aqueduct
Bid Date: June 28, 2022, at 2:00p.m.
Kiewit  Infrastructure West Co. (Kiewit) is seeking sub-quotes from Small Business from SCOOP Network; Small Disadvantaged Business, or a HUB zone business by the U.S. Small Business Administration; or business certified by the U.S. federal government’s System of Award Management; or certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise by Caltrans’ or by the one of the signatory agencies within the California Unified Certification Program; or Metropolitan Water District of California’s Regional/ Small Business Program; or certified by the City of San Diego’s Small Local Business Enterprise and Emerging Local Business Enterprise Program; or certified as a Small Business or as a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise by the California State Department of General Services.
The work to be completed under this Contract consists of relining an existing untreated water 96 inch inside diameter prestressed concrete cylinder pipe by fabricating, setting, and welding approximately 5,000 feet of 93 inch outside diameter welded steel liners; installing approximately 200 feet of 93 inch outside diameter cement mortar lined welded steel pipe closure pieces at four portals; grouting annular space behind installed steel liners; field applying cement mortar lining to interior of installed steel liners; installing four portals to access the existing 96 inch pipe; installing, maintaining, and removing environmental fencing and flagging; installing and maintaining storm water pollution prevention measures; clearing and grubbing; dewatering; providing traffic control; excavating and backfilling; providing excavation support systems; installing, maintaining and removing temporary fencing; cutting, demolishing, and disposing of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe; placing reinforcing steel and encasing welded steel pipe in concrete; installing seven cathodic protection test stations; restoring the site including placement of soil amendments and hydroseeding; restoring existing access roads along reline segment; replacing valves and piping components; installing bulkheads; disposing of all removed equipment and materials; and completing other appurtenant work as required by the Contract Documents.
Kiewit is requesting quotes for various areas of work listed in, but not limited to, the scopes of work below:
Traffic control/MOT – aggregate – asbestos abatement – trucking and hauling – concrete rubble disposal – erosion control – cathodic protection – fencing – hydroseeding – ready mix supply – concrete reinforcing installation – concrete drilling and saw cutting – welding services – steel pipe fabrication – painting and coating – bolts and gaskets – hangers and support and small-bore valves
Firms interested in providing a sub-quote for this project must contact Kiewit at the e-mail address noted.  Responding firms will be issued an “Invitation to Bid” through Kiewit’s electronic use of Building Connected or Smart Bid Net (at no cost to bidder) with project information and bid instructions.  Plans and specifications are also available for review at Kiewit’s office.
Responsive bidders must possess a valid California Contractor’s license (as appropriate) and provide acceptable insurance. Responsible subcontractors and material contractors may be required to provide bonding for 100% of their contract value. Kiewit will reimburse bond premiums.  Kiewit is union contractor signatory to collective bargaining agreements with the carpenters, laborers, cement masons, ironworkers, operating engineers, and teamsters.  Kiewit will consider quotes from any, and all bidders who demonstrate an ability to foster and maintain labor harmony on the Project.
Kiewitintends to conduct itself in good faith with all Small Businesses and all other business enterprises regarding participation on this project. For further information regarding this project, insurance, bonding, related assistance with equipment, supplies, and materials, or the project schedule, please contact our Lead Estimator.
Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.
10704 Shoemaker Ave., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Tel : (562) 946-1816 • Fax : (562) 946-3823
Contact : Gabriel. Gaytan
Email :

“Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.”


Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. - Pipeline 5 Relining, North Twin Oaks Valley Road to Crossover Pipeline Turnout, Spec. 669

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