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Project Name:
Hunters View Phase 3 - Infrastructure

Location:         San Francisco, California

Bid Date:         November 6, 2020 @2:00pm

Cahill-Nibbi Joint Venture has been selected as the General Contractor for the Hunters View Phase 3 - Infrastructure project in San Francisco.  We are in receipt of the Submittal documents and are currently requesting bid proposals from qualified subcontractors and suppliers including those certified with the San Francisco Contract Monitoring Department (CMD) as local business enterprises (LBE’s) for DIV 05 & 31-33.  The Contract Monitoring Division (CMD) has set the SBE participation goal for this project at 50% and 20% MBE/WBE goal. For more information about the San Francisco SBE program as it relates to this solicitation, please see Exhibit A and/or contact Selormey Dzikunu at the City and County of San Francisco Contract Monitoring Division by email, THIS IS A CAHILL-NIBBI PROJECT. Project is in Hunters View Neighborhood, San Francisco in the last of 3 phases. It includes mass excavation and grading and construction of new infrastructure with new underground utilities, Storm Water Management & Treatment unit, street improvements, Joint Trench & Street Lights.


Bids are due Friday, November 6, 2020 @ 2:00pm.  To obtain bid documents please contact Kevin Young, Precon & Estimating Coordinator via email,  For specific questions regarding this project, please email Paris Paraskeva,

CAHILL CONTRACTORS LLC - Hunters View Phase 3 - Infrastructure

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