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PROJECT NAME: Crane Cove Park – Building 49 – Contract No. 2814

Port of San Francisco

Pier 70 – Illinois & 18th Streets, San Francisco

BID DATE: April 25, 2019 at 2:00 PM. Include completed Swinerton Bid Form & Fully Detailed Scope / Bid Letter

 Swinerton is requesting quotations from certified LBEs. Participation requirement is 23%.

Note that SBA LBE and PUC LBE subcontractors WILL NOT be accepted toward the 23% requirement.


Trades:  All Trades needed. Note all long lead items & the anticipated lead times on scope letter.
RFIs Due: April 19, 2018 by 5PM.

Project Description:

The proposed project is to repair a 7,800 sf building’s core and shell, and install public restrooms.  Work will include demolition; grading adjacent to the building; AC paving; utilities work; HVAC; plumbing; replacement of exterior and interior wall covering and doors; new bituminous roofing; restroom installation; concrete foundation work involving installation of concrete grade beams and 27 steel pipe piles; new structural framing; and electrical work.


PROJECT SCHEDULE:  Port of San Francisco’s construction will start July 2019, substantial completion May 2020 and final completion July 2020.  This project site has other contracted work occurring at the same time and requires some coordination with the other projects.


Available upon request


Contact: Sandi Gessin

Tel: (415) 617.1478


·       This is a Port of San Francisco Public Works project.  Subcontractor must be registered with the CA Department of Industrial Relations before submitting a bid.  Application and renewal are completed online with an annual, non-refundable fee.

·       The project is subject to Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) requirements (applies to ALL Subcontractors) – Local Hire (San Francisco only) 30% for every trade and Local Hire for 50% of Apprentice Hours for every trade.

·       This is a Prevailing Wage project.

·       All LBE subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, suppliers, equipment rentals and truckers shall be certified LBEs before the bids are due.


We reserve the right to require all subcontractors to furnish 100% performance and payment bonds from a U.S. Treasury-listed surety. Premium cost to be included as a separate item. At our discretion, a bid bond and/or letter of bondability from a U.S. Treasury-listed surety may be required within 48 hours of demand.


“Swinerton is an Equal Employment Opportunity, Minority, Women, Disability, and Veteran Employer”

Swinerton - Crane Cove Park – Building 49 – Contract No. 2814 Port of San Francisco

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