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Regional Surface Water Supply Project
Stanislaus Regional Water Authority
PROPOSAL DATE: MAY 7, 2019 at 2:00 PM
California Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) Program
DBE Participation Encouraged
CA State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) DBE Participation Forms Required from Subs
We are soliciting proposals for the following Divisions and items of work:
For Divisions 01 thru 16, including, but not limited to:Earthwork & Grading including Site Excavation and Backfill, Shoring, Underground Utilities, AC Paving, Rebar, Painting/Coatings, Fencing, Electrical & Instrumentation, Striping, Minor Concrete including CG&S, Masonry, Welding, Cement/Lime Treatment, Sheet Pile Installation, Dewatering, Shoring, HVAC/Mechanical, Roofing, Steel Roof Decking, Hatches, Floor Grating, Stair Nosing & Floor Plates, Sheet Metal & Flashing, Overhead Doors, Hollow Metal Doors/Frames & Hardware, Glazing, Plumbing, Interior Finishes, Metal Framing, Drywall, Drop/Acoustical Ceilings, Flooring, Waterproofing/Damp Proofing, Electronic Access Control System, Video Surveillance, Pipe Insulation, Building Insulation, Blanket Insulation, Foam Insulation, Tanks & Pumps, Fire Detection & Alarm, Misc. Valves including: Gate, Ball, Butterfly & Check, Fabricated Slide Gates, Aggregates Supply including: Sand, Class II Agg. Base, Rip Rap, Pea Gravel & Drain Rock, Ready Mix, Concrete Pumping, Pipe Products including: C900, C200, C303, PVC, FRP, SST, DIP, HDPE, RCP & Copper, Welded Steel Pipe, Hangers & Support for Plumbing, Piping & Equipment, Misc. Metals, Iron & Steel, FRP Fabrications, Trucking, Street Sweeping, SWPPP Plan, SWPPP Materials, Geotextile Materials. Misc. Construction Materials, Underground Precast Vaults, Manholes, DI’s, Commissioning Management Services, Survey, Quality Control Testing & Management Services, Scheduling Services, Bridge Crane Systems, Laboratory/Casework, Process Mechanical Equipment, Identification Signage, Restroom/Locker Room Accessories.
Non-DBE Subs/Suppliers:2nd-tier participation will be evaluated with your price.
100% performance and payment bonds will be required for the full amount of the subcontract price. Please contact us for any assistance to this solicitation, including obtaining bonding, insurance, equipment, materials and/or supplies.  Provide subcontractor and supplier scopes/quotes as early as possible to enable estimators to perform a thorough evaluation of all scopes/quotes received. Quotes will be broken down into comparable packages as reasonably necessary to facilitate participation. Quotes must be valid for the same duration as specified by the Owner for Contract Award. We are signatory to Operators, Laborers, Ironworkers, Cement Masons, Carpenters & Pile Drivers Unions, Electrical Unions. Non-signatory subs will be required to sign an agreement for trades covered under our union agreements. We intend to work cooperatively with subcontractors/suppliers for all bid items you are licensed and qualified to perform. Bid items can be split to facilitate participation from all certified firms. We will reimburse for bond premium up to 2%. Firms must possess & provide current contractor’s license number & DIR Registration number on the quote. Firms must possess insurance and workers compensation coverage meeting project requirements.  Waiver of Subrogation is required.  Please contact us for any assistance required by your firm.  Subcontractors will be required to execute our standard subcontract agreement and agree to the standard general terms & conditions.  Please contact us if you would like copies for review prior to submitting proposal. 
Project documents may also be viewed in our office by appointment only, or downloaded for FREE from our Box ftp site.  Please send an email request to NORCALBIDS@flatironcorp.comfor appointment or to view/access plans and specs in our office or on our Box ftp site for FREE.  Please fax scopes/quotes to our BID FAX at 707-746-1603 or email ALL Scopes/Quotes to
CDM Flatiron Waterworks, A Joint Venture
9220 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 100
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Phone 707-742-6000   Bid Fax 707-746-1603
Quotes can be emailed to:
An Equal Opportunity Employer
CA License: 1048994 – DIR: 1000063847

Flatiron West, Inc. - California Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) Program DBE Participation Encouraged

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