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Do You Really Have The Time to Answer Endless Phone Calls, Voicemails? Handle Project Inquiries? Track Every Communication? We Can Help!

Most companies, no matter how large they are, just don't have the time or manpower to devote to handle the huge volume of calls, or, the hundreds of voicemails associated with a bid!

The moment information on a project or bid is released, the calls begin – calls from interested subcontractors, community residents, vendors and suppliers. Answering and responding to every single call in a timely manner can be a very expensive and time consuming task that draws your staff away from their primary function.

SBEs universal call center will help handle all your calls, your tracking, and your information delivery requirements

  • Make sure each call reach the right person.
  • Eliminate phone follow up delays and lost leads
  • Receive lists of interested firms for follow up
  • Get documented details of each call.
  • Enjoy the efficiency of clear and concise computer generated outreach reports

Our Universal Call Center service can provide the 'communications hub' for all your project needs.

  • Create virtual extensions
  • Maintain a virtual office to handle outreach calls and responses
  • Track calls and responses
  • Receive computer generated reports for the outreach process

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